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Empathic Sensitivities

Willow's Way

Empathic Sensitivities

Michelle Bellamy

Many of our everyday sayings speak to the energetic shift that takes place as a human being. “Putting yourself in another persons shoes”. Literally, as an empath we can “step in” to a person, into their shoes and feel their physical, mental and emotional states. If we also have healing skill, we can modify those states and help to calm and ease pain. So empaths can feel in their own bodies what is happening in another persons body. Because of this empaths have tremendous compassion for others and their suffering. The ability of an empath to have compassion, to feel and shift other people and heal can lead to burn out for an empath. Empaths often over-give to the point of depletion. There are many tools you should learn as an empath to keep yourself fully charged and in a state in which you are ready able and willing to serve and give to others. In Judith Orloff’s Book, The Empath’s Survival Guide, there is an effective list for safeguarding techniques for empaths. They are: The Mirror Neuron System, Electromagnetic Fields, Emotional Contagion, Increased Dopamine Sensitivity, Synethesia.

Mirror Neurons are a specialized group of brain cells that are responsible for compassion and empathy. Empaths are believed to have both more of these brain cells and more sensitivity than others in the population. They are hyper-sensitive to others pain.

Electromagnetic fields are waves of magnetic electro charge particles that emmenate from and penetrate into our body. These waves are most easily measured from the strongest sources, the brain and the heart. These fields transmit information from one person to the next in the form of coded energy information. It’s like “air-drop”, when you get close enough there is an energy and information exchanged on an energetic level.

Emotional contagion is picking up the energy of a person or group of persons. An example is how if one baby in a nursery begins to cry they will all cry. Empaths are quite sensitive to their physical environment and the people that share that space with them. Due to this empaths must learn how to ground and center themselves to prepare to be in these types of emotionally intense environments. We must also be aware and choose positive people in our lives.

Increased Dopamine Sensitivity-”Research has shown that introverted empaths tend to have a higher sensitivity to dopamine than extraverts. Basically, they need less dopamine to feel happy. That could explain why they are more content with alone time, reading, and meditation and need less external stimulation from parties and other large social gatherings.” Don’t get me wrong, you can have an extroverted empath but they will need to retreat and recover after they are “out in the world”. 

Syethsesia-is a neurological condition when two senses combine for example, hearing music an see color. More specific to abilities of empaths is “mirror-touch synesthesia”, is a neurological condition in which empaths can feel emotions and physical sensations of other people (even at a distance!) in their own bodies as if it were their own experience. This is why it is so important to learn the protection skills necessary to walk the world as a helper, healer or teacher and also an empath. Discernment is key. To have discernment you must be fully centered in WHO YOU ARE. Your energetic signature and how to get there in moments of chaos. Once you are centered you can discern if what you are sensing is your own or someone else. email me for a free meditation to clear your chakras and aura and get centered. You must also learn the skill of removing and detaching others “stuff” out of your field. If you are a healer and an empath you must learn how to let what you are assisting others with to flow through and out of your field, you are not taking on others stuff!!

If you are an empath or know someone who is that needs help, know that I am here to serve and don’t hesitate to connect and ask questions. Your questions lead to new content in my blog and video collection.

Author: Willow Tucker, Empath, Healer and Teacher. Lover of science and nature. Initiating Priestess in the Dianic Wiccan Tradition.


The Empath’s Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People by Judith Orloff, MD