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3 Steps to Empath Self-Care

Willow's Way

3 Steps to Empath Self-Care

Michelle Bellamy




 a person or animal with the paranormal ability to apprehend (and feel) the mental, physical or emotional state of another individual.

As an empath I have had to learn how do deal with a lot of the physical symptoms I experience as a result of picking up so much from others and planetary sources. Here are some of the symptoms and ways to navigate as well as remedies that work to reduce the amount of physical pain, fatigue and anxiety.


We are all connected to the planet and each other but to what degree do you honor and respect that connection? The earth is a living breathing entity that we communicate with on many levels. One of these levels is electromagnetically. We also feel the movements and changes showered upon us by the planets, most especially the sun and moon. When we respect that connection, lean into it and get into Gaia's rhythm, we discover countless miracles, magic and synchronicities. 


When we are impacted by the planets movements as interpreted through the mystical, mathematical science of Astrology and have a context for the energies we are feeling within our selves, within others and within our earth. These energies enter our planet and all beings first on an electromagnetic level, then our nervous system, then the muscles and bones. Simultaneously it effects our energetic vibration, our unique energy signature, literally tuning us up by shredding useless beliefs and attachments and replacing them with empowering and connected energies. During these upgrades we receive many downloads of energy messages and the tune up can be a bit painful. Like braces, the tightening of the wires and the discomfort as the teeth are pulled into alignment. Resistance to these energetic upgrades by not wanting to let go of these beliefs and attachments only causes more pain and suffering. By letting go of these beliefs and attachments you are only becoming more of who you truly are. Becoming more and more authentic can be scary and fears can surface. It can bring up lots of feelings of un-worthiness.

Empathic Symptoms include:

Head-ache, Migraine, stomach upset, sadness, lethargy, need to stay home and away from public places, extremes of hope and hopelessness for the planet, vision issues, eyes burn, ears ring, begin to hear larger range of sounds than others, become very sensitive to odors, awakening psychic connections, joint pain, vibrating sensations in different parts of the body, dizziness, vertigo, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, environmental sensitivity, food allergies, and scent allergies, to name a few.


So if you can ground all of this in self-care, in time in nature, rest and self-compassion you will ease your suffering. If you can energetically release what you need to let go of and go with the flow you may even feel amazing!

The energetic frequency has been increasing slowly over time so that we can evolve as a human race into greater connection to one another and to the planet. She is sending out this signal to save herself. As we receive these light signals we need to be in a state of epic self care. We need to be grounded and centered so that we do not fry a circuit. You may receive the message that you need to ground and center when your electronics break or freak out. Also, if you process these upgrades rapidly you can fry your electronics in the process even if you are grounded. 

These high frequency waves are received by our nervous system and stimulate and open us up to greater connection, connections to ancient wisdom, to not repeating past mistakes, greater connection to your higher self, connection to your ancestors, connection with the land(s) and traditions of your ancestors are all ways that dormant DNA is awakened and you remember who you are.

Some people have volunteered to carry higher frequency vibrations like a pillar of light to help initiate others into higher frequencies. These are the healers, the truth speakers, the artists and the teachers.

You can learn to process more of the energy by making a conscious connection to the earth and dedicate to her protection. With her support you can help carry the light, initiate support with guardians and allies who will share the light load with you assisting with the processing of the data through the cells, dna and synapses. If there is a place of shadow or darkness that needs a letting go, the energy load can get stuck there often causing physical pain. Chakra and full body clearings, release of emotions and beliefs are extremely beneficial.

You can get stuck in any layer; physical, emotional, psychic, karmic, ancestral, mental, etc. Assistance from a healer can be extremely helpful and support from a tribe is priceless.


Flu like symptoms of body aches, headache, nausea and fatigue. With or without fever but may have hot or cold sweats. This is caused by the release of thought forms, emotions and more that cause a detoxification. The waste may travel through the blood or digestive system or both. For a time parts of you are not compatible with the new higher frequency cells and the body rejects the old pattern as harmful toxins.

The best remedy is complete rest, if you have someone that can help care for you that is ideal. Remedies include bathing in epsom salts with detoxifying essential oils, lots of lemon water, and flower essences can help the body more gently process the energy change, making the detox less uncomfortable. Drinking most of your meals will help with the detoxification. I make strawberry and banana smoothies with Vegan Vanilla Protein powder. I add in Liquid Light for my minerals and some coconut oil. 

Headaches and migraines, the best thing I have found to deal with these is prevention. Epic self-care, healthy food, staying away from sugar and coffee and drinking lots of clean water. I have finally trained myself to be in touch with my body to such an extent that I can feel the energy shift before I get the headache. If I can remove myself from the stressful situation, center, take flower essences and make sure my boundaries are up to date I can usually avoid it all together. Mine symptoms start as tension around the spine behind my heart and move up. If left to proceed unattended to my neck and occiput will go out of alignment causing extreme headaches and pain in the neck, head, jaw, eye and scalp, usually one-sided. This can last several days and even a chiropractor and massage can barely touch it, it feels like energetic whiplash. Opening the energy in the crown and third eye early on in the process with centering and grounding to earth along with taking flower essences can stop this in its tracks. It is common to have pain in the scalp in a circle where you would find the crown chakra. To me it feels like when I wear my hair in a ponytail and take it out, the roots hurt. Hot soaks in the tub and gentle massage are helpful. Utilizing stones and crystals can be very balancing.

Vertigo and dizziness-your go to should be minerals and water. Your body needs to be rested, hydrated and not under stress to integrate the higher frequencies. Lay down and rest. Stay on your side, curled up in the fetal position with eyes closed and sleep.

Digestive complaints-this is usually associated with detoxification especially revolving around self-care, self-love and negative emotional energies of unworthiness being released. Ties to the mother and ancestors are also connected in the solar plexus, think umbilical cord. Reduce the load on your digestion, drink smoothies, release the inner critic and take flower essences.

Internal Temperature Control issues: Being hot and getting hot flashes can be associated with a large increase of energy being processed. Breathing and bathing and consciously processing the energy will help. Being cold and chilled is a weakened ability to process energy. Movement can be helpful, you need to get the fire gong again by movement and increasing circulation. Acupuncture and flower essences are also great at balancing the internal temperature and regulating energy.

Energy level swings-you can go from complete fatigue and exhaustion to excess energy. Sometimes there are many nights in a row that you may be receiving energy downloads and get very little sleep. Harness this time by having a note pad by your side. Many ideas and solutions can come during the downloads. Rest when you are tired and get shit done when the energy is available. Don't resist or feel guilty when tired. Use this time to read, meditate, write, listen to music, nature watch, spend time with your animals, paint or craft.

Extreme mood swings, anxiety, heart palpitations-as we become more connected to the planet and release the illusion that we are separate we begin to feel others pain more deeply. We weep for the abused, the lost, the forgotten, the raped, the poisoned and all the woes of our world. Then we realize our purpose, we have to make a difference and support each other. We have to stand together, to unite and save Gaia. The best remedy is to feel the feelings and then take action to make a difference. It is the loss of control that makes us feel hopeless. Donate money, donate your time to a charity, go out and make a difference. Flower essences can be very supportive as well. Essential oil of Rose is extremely helpful in processing grief and in heart related symptoms like broken-heart syndrome. Identify your fears, release them. Take deep cleansing breaths. Breath in love, breath out peace. Meditate, do yoga, get out in nature. Move your body.  Email me for a free meditation

Electronics, zapping-often healers will zap out tv's computers, phones, cars and more. It most frequently happens to their own property but can also include others in close proximity. Grounding, centering and processing through the energy while taking an electronics break will be helpful. Calibrating to your equipment will also help. Give everything a reboot and check for updates. I usually take this as a sign to slow down, chop wood and carry water. Also, I insure all my electronics through Square Trade;)

Epic Self-Care is the only way that you can stay in touch with your body, emotions and energy field. You need to be grounded and centered on a regular basis so that you can process the energy upgrades as they come. You will begin to become in greater alignment with nature, the planet, the animals and our human family. You will begin to see that love of greed and power are what is poisoning our world and that the illusion of being separate is what needs healing.

By connecting to Gaia and celebrating her nurturing love and support we can find our way back to balance. She provides the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. She provides our shelter, our companions, beauty and splendor. We must support her as she supports us and if you are empathic then you have been asked to help process the new frequencies and spread them to others. This is a difficult calling, but by staying heart-centered and taking great care of yourself you will be able to be there for others and for the planet.