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The 5 Mistakes of Manifestation (and how to avoid them)

Michelle Bellamy

Manifestation is the act of making clear,    visible, tangible or real.

Manifestation is using the Law of Attraction and your Will to bring something into your reality. It could be money, the right people, the right situation, the right house, health or whatever you feel an emotional connection to. 

Some people are not sure what manifestation is but have heard of the Law of Attraction and use positive affirmations and visualizations to get what they want. Some of you may roll up your sleeves and write out your goals. You might have a dream board (me too). You might even begin to take the action steps needed to get to where your goals are leading. You may be on your way but are not really feeling good about your results or how long it is taking. 

I would love to share my experiences with you to help you avoid some of the manifesting mistakes I have encountered on my way to becoming an epic manifestor. I am absolutely passionate about this topic and I LOVE to help others!!

1. Your affirmations must always be stated in the POSITIVE and in the NOW moment.

Wrong: I don't want stress in my life

Wrong: I want peace in my life

Right: I have peace in my life

If you can't figure out how to say it the Right way, don't worry, I have tips for that in my FREE video. I GET IT!!! I struggled with this too!

2. Your affirmations and visualizations are NOT ALWAYS ENOUGH.

Every morning before you get out of bed you say your affirmation, "I have peace in my life", but as soon as stress meets you (which it will) you fall into it and doubt this whole "manifestation thing". It just doesn't work! There is a reality to deal with! Uh-hem, it actually does work. I have story after story to tell you that I still can't quite believe myself!

So, you did your morning meditation, you said your affirmation and then some jerk sees you waiting for that last parking spot in front of the store with your sick baby in the back seat crying. 


He looks you right in the eye and swipes it from you to go get his latte. In the meantime, you have to park far away and remove your sick child from the warm car and walk out in the cold and rain with her to get to the store.

You could have chosen peace over stress in that moment. You always have a choice. You are an active and vital participant in creating your reality. You can't just say it and then think it will happen. (Pro-level manifestors can actually achieve this but it takes a huge paradigm shift, rock solid belief and congruent actions. I will share my experiences in the FREE training with you!)

3. Getting too SPECIFIC can sometimes be a huge block to your manifesting.

Sometimes getting too specific is the biggest mistake you can make, we can limit ourselves. Our ideas and plans are small and limited compared to the truth of what is actually possible. 

4 years ago I wanted to move to horse property. I wanted at least an acre, I wanted it to not cost more than I was currently paying, I wanted a claw foot bath tub and I really, really wanted to live on a lake. I did my work. I wrote it all out. I could not get myself to write down the lake part. It just wasn't possible. I knew we had to live in a radius to my husband's business and there were no lakes in that area. The only lakes around were either too far away or way too expensive. I left it off. I meditated and heard, "No! You are limiting yourself, you can live near water!!" I added it to my manifestation. If I hadn't listened to that guidance, let reality go and trust I would have never have ended up living on a lake front property near my husband's business. This is one of the most amazing manifestation stories and you have not heard a fraction of it!!

4.   NOT RECOGNIZING that your manifestation has showed up or pushing it away because it didn’t fit with your plan. So maybe you used a broad stroke manifestation approach but mentally you still are in a loop of what it should look like. When it shows up you miss it completely.

Another story; I could have completely missed this manifestation. I wanted to raise money quick for a vacation/retirement property. I had great mentors that advised me to use the broad stroke method. I was thinking it would show up in my teaching and healing work, but it didn't. I was encouraged to go back to the corporate world by a friend. I could have totally laughed it off. It was SO off the path I was on. But I had confirmations that it was the right path. So I went for it. 17 months later, I closed escrow. I could have totally missed that, right?? I learned tons from that experience, that I am now teaching to students and clients, it was NOT a cake walk!! BUT, I did call it in, I did manifest it and the property AND learned SO MUCH to share with you now!

5.  You receive the GUIDANCE you need on your path to manifestation but you are:

a) distracted by other things that you think take priority (avoidance).

         Magic is Something YOU Make!!

         Magic is Something YOU Make!!

b) you have a fear or belief blocking you from seeing or following your manifestation when it shows up

c) You make excuses as to why you cannot possibly follow that guidance (time and money are usually at the top of this list)

d) You resonate with guidance, feel it in your bones, get signs and synchronicity as confirmation but somehow still push it away and kind of forget about it all the while continuing to complain and focus on your current situation as you trudge through it.

Don't feel bad, we all go through too! Let me show you in my FREE video how to navigate this one. If you have the calling and the guidance but fear or something else is stopping you, you are the ideal person to benefit from what I have already learned!!