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Willow's Way

Boundaries and the Body

Michelle Bellamy


We have been dealing with a whopper of REtrograde Planets one of which has been Mars.  We are RE-looking at how we react instead of respond, what actions we jump into especially if it is explaining, defending or projecting. This Reaction/Action merry-go-round is teaching us that as soon as we feel something is off, it probably is and we should speak gently and kindly. This is a boundary. It is a boundary you have with yourself. You do not want to move forward from this point feeling one energy coming towards and hearing words that say another message. When this happens, the person you are talking to is RE-acting instead of responding to the energy they are sensing within you or within themselves. 

We must consistently and continually bring ourselves back to our core of truth and out of reaction. Boundaries showed up in at least one energy wave with parents and/or children.  The ripple effect of our relationships with parents/children goes out into relationships with bosses, friends and lovers, if you thought you may have steered clear of probably cannot, haven't and furthermore should not.

We are always recreating our original wound from a parent or ancestral time line with new relationships to heal the wound and empower and love ourselves more.  Along with these very emotional issues I have seen a multitude of physical issues.  Many involving the skin, mucous membranes, digestion and lungs. These are all soft and sensitive parts of our body that are a boundary for our bodies.  The skin is the biggest organ and if it has become infected or hurt, that is a skin boundary issue. In our lungs and digestion we sort out the harmful from the beneficial with many corresponding issues. If we ate something bad our stomach lets us know and we have a resulting correction to our system that can be unpleasant. Emotionally, we simply may not be able to digest all that is occurring in our lives, with our loved ones and ourselves. Our lung processes incoming toxins as well as grief, the body uses phlegm, coughing, sneezing, crying, laughing and more to clear the lungs of foreign bodies or grief. 

Sound familiar? As we try and RE-live our original emotional wounds in current time to heal them, old physical pain may be brought up to uncover the energetic and emotional origins and heal it.  From my experience with clients, friends and family over this past month, the doctors haven't got a clue, as with most energetic and emotional symptoms.  We resist these painful physical states, and what we resist persists.  I am often asked about the physical states and what needs to be physically done, but what I "get" intuitively is mostly that an energetic or emotional issue needs to be healed.  Remember nothing physical manifests without being pure energy first. Energy is the blue print, so it makes sense to go back to that foundation to heal anything physical. 

Even Dr. Oz would agree!!  "We're beginning now to understand things that we know in our hearts are true but we could never measure. As we get better at understanding how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine. It's not the mechanistic part of the joints moving. It's not the chemistry of our body. It's understanding for the first time how energy influences how we feel." Dr. Oz.

More on boundaries....  

If you are angry and resentful at someone because they have violated your boundaries or are not taking responsibility and expecting you to here is what you can do; 

Stand in your power, no one can do anything to you, it is always your choice to give your time and energy away, that is YOUR boundary. 

Maintain a healthy energy field, remain centered and clear.

Keeping ourselves, clean, clear, full of love and power is the most healing thing we can do for ourselves and for others.  By harmonic resonance others will feel your uplifting energy and themselves could be uplifted by it, if that is what they choose. 

During this time of reaction/action we may find that relationships and people fall away or move into the background.  If we are not in reaction, it all just feels natural like the way a river flows and breaks into streams.  We all just have our own business and purpose to attend to and if we are in our truth and power we will know that we have to be focused and centered to thrive.  If we are in reaction, these endings could be really dramatic or if the other party is in reaction it will be also and you need to hold clear boundaries and loving compassion. There could be a sudden deep healing in the relationship or an end.  Or an end to the way that relationship operated and a new beautiful relationship with the same person.  The choice is yours and theirs, independently of each other.  What will you choose?  Happiness is an inside job.

Be Well,

Willow Tucker