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Pregnancy and Childbirth

Pregnancy and Childbirth

Book Descriptions

Childbirth Without Fear, Dr. Grantly Dick-Reed

Personal experiences of a Physician witnessing natural pain-less childbirth in cultures where they were never told it was “supposed” to be painful and his discoveries. (Out of Print, order used)

Mind of your Newborn Baby, by David Chamberlain, Ph.D.

A MUST READ!! This is a scientific book, that tells us what babies are actually capable of in-utero. Completely change your relationship with your baby and deeply bond while pregnant. It gives a whole new appreciation to babies intelligence, feelings, and innate wisdom.

Active Birth, by Janet Balaskas

The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth by Henci Goer

Sit up and Take Notice, by Pauline Scott

What you don’t know, CAN hurt you. Educate yourself.

Back Labor No More, by Janie McCoy King

Are the labor positions hospitals are asking us to get in the best for labor? Do they make the most physiological and anatomical sense? NO! Find out what mid-wives have known for centuries and most women will do instinctively.

Mother’s Intention: How Belief Shapes Birth:  A Commonsense Guide to Safe, Comfortable, Guilt-free Birth in Five simple stepsBy Kim Wildner, CCE, CHt, HBCE

Mind Over Labor by Carl Jones

“A clear, concise guide, using mental imagery to making labor and childbirth what it is—a natural process.”

Journey Into Motherhood: Inspirational Stories of Natural Birth by Sheri Menelli

Pregnancy and Birth Psychology

Pregnancy as Healing by Gayle Petersen

When Survivors Give Birth (sexual abuse survivors) by Penny Simkin


Natural and Holistic Care and Referrals

Natural Pain-Free Childbirth Education

Doula and Mid-wife referrals available upon request. For information on Holistic resources for caring for your newborn and children e-mail your request to

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