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Kids Natural Health


Most of the new consciousness will be sensitive to their environment. This includes physical spaces, chemicals, cleaning products, chlorine, food such as sugar, dyes, dairy and gluten. See Vegan Clean, Earth Green on how to make your own natural and safe cleaning products. Save money, reduce waist and provide a natural environment that is gentle on the earth. Michelle, during a session, can use muscle testing for food allergies and environmental allergies.

Short article written by a Crystal child age 15.

Nature's Pharmacy

Flower Essences Flower essences are an energy medicine. There are no side effects, concern with mixing medications or contra-indications. Safe for babies, animals and baby animals. The essence of a flower or plant communicated with humans to show the healing power it possess for humanity. Nature provides all the we need, food, shelter and clothing. Nature is intricately connected to everything, every being, every cell…everything. Nature creates order and organization in a beautiful rhythm that feels good. Custom Blended Flower Essences with reading is $15.