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Natural Horsemanship

“Creates a rewarding and lasting horse/human relationship through non-violent, cruelty-free techniques. Methods are simple, straight forward, and based upon horse psychology, herd instincts, and the primordial characteristics of a prey animal.” Natural Horsemanship uses no bits or spurs.

The Bitless Bridle

“A quiet revolution is now taking place that transforms the art and science of horsemanship. The Bitless Bridle provides a humane alternative to the Bronze Age technology of the bit. Unlike the bit, no pain is inflicted. Your horse is free from fear, listens more attentively, breathes more freely, and moves more gracefully. With a calm, less spooky horse, communication is enhanced, trust established, performance improved, and harmony achieved. Riding and driving becomes simpler, safer and more satisfying. Both you and your horse can relax and enjoy yourselves.”

Natural Horsemanship Lessons