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Time out of Time

Time out of Time is a retreat-like experience for healing and transformative work to take place in the comfort of Michelle's space created specially for you.

Why Time out of Time?

Time out of Time is a way for you to pause everyday life and journey into a safe, sacred space intentionally created for your healing and transformation. Willow is a compassionate healer who takes 60 to 90 minutes before your session to prepare the space before you arrive, directly working with your energy and guides. It is a personal experience for you in which she provides her devoted energy and care.

Time out of Time is here for you to feel, heal, and release anything that is keeping you from feeling the most empowered, authentic person you are meant to be. It's the mini-retreat where you can feel supported in your unique experience and embrace the new beliefs and perspectives available. Sometimes we go through life forgetting our power, thinking we need something outside of us to fix or heal what we are going through, Willow is here to help you see that you have the healing power within yourself. Time out of Time is the space where you can come and rest into that awareness as she brings intuition, and elements that you need to awaken and energize that inner healing and transformation. The peaceful natural surrounding enhances the entire experience.

What Makes This Healing Retreat Unique

Time out of Time, just like the Moon Pacts, is a healing offering that is guided by Goddess. In following the call of Goddess, Willow gives her unique blend of spiritual wisdom and intuitive care that aligns with her guidance.

No matter what your belief system, she has a way to make the teachings and tools accessible for you. Past clients have loved her approach to healing, which she describes as walking with you and helping show you the way.

She gets right to the point, using divinely inspired words and phrases to help those who need and want it. In my sessions with Willow multiple tools and modalities of healing have been utilized. From tarot to poetry, belief modification to energy work, there truly is nothing that Willow limits herself by when it comes to her sessions. I always feel that Willow zones right in on what needs help or what needs to be changed.“

Willow believes you have the power to heal and change within yourself, and she aims to help you embrace that level of self-empowerment and self-love in the healing and teaching she does.

If you've been wanting a warm, comforting space to feel, heal, and release, Time out of Time is the experience for you.

What is the Time out of Time Healing Session like?

Time out of Time takes place on Willow's one-acre waterfront property, which begins inside a custom-built healing studio space with windows and french doors overlooking a lake through a pepper tree. Your session will begin after she has spent an hour to an hour-and-a-half prepping the space by setting up a healing altar, doing energy work, spirit communication, and anything else she feels intuitively guided to do, including pulling cards or runes, choosing music, and selecting stones or crystals that come forward. You can be sure that Time out of Time was made specially for you.

Healing takes place during speaking while sitting, while part of it takes place with you resting on the healing table. Willow draws from Theta Healing, KORE Belief Modification, Wiccan traditions, and Spiritual Touch training to give you the healing that you need in the moment. Elements that may come forth to help include chanting, healing sounds, magical tools for energy work, stones, essential oils, divinations, incantations, and spell work. A spell may even be created for your session during the healing using a spell candle and other elements.

Integrating is an important part of your healing process, which is included as part of Time out of Time. To integrate the experience, you have time on your own to remain on the table, stay inside the healing space, or explore the property outside. You can read, journal, sing, dance, swing, or walk about. Tree sitting, water watching, and even playing with the animals on the property are other ways you may wish to integrate your healing. You may even receive after-care guidance called soul work that Willow creates specifically for you and your unique healing experience.


client Testimonials

  • Intuitive, knowledgeable, attentive, caring, sensitive, and powerful are all words I would use to describe Willow. She is an amazing healer who brings forth insight and clarity. I love working with Willow and all that she has to offer.
  • Willow brings the fire of transformation to her sessions. She gets right to the point, using divinely inspired words and phrases to help those who need and want it. In my sessions with Willow multiple tools and modalities of healing have been utilized. From tarot to poetry, belief modification to energy work, there truly is nothing that Willow limits herself by when it comes to her sessions.
    — A.P.
  • Willow is truly very gifted and everything she said resonated with me deeply. I almost cried listening to her reading because everything was just sooo spot on and it was exactly the confirmation i needed to move forward with trust and confidence in my heart.
    — S.A.
  • Willow is in an intuitive healer. Not one session is like the other...Candles were lit and the setting was peaceful and beautiful. Willow continued with body, chakra and stone work on me. I was completely unaware that I was so disconnected from my solar plexus and she helped me put the focus and attention to this area to stand in who I am. I left the session so much lighter and with clarity about my continued next steps. My healing and awareness continued for days.
    — R.C.
  • Wow. My session with Willow was truly outstanding. She offered me so much care that I could hardly receive it all. She is a clear channel who was able to dive deep with me to move through old pain and grief, bring inspiration and clarity to my current life decisions, and instantly dissolve any sense of imbalance, particularly worry...I am still feeling the positive effects of our deep work more than a week later. Thank you!
    — J.
  • I have suffered with more physical ailments than I care to count, and since I was a child have lived with emotional traumas that have crippled my life. I have sought help in psychology, Western medicine and Eastern medicine. After roughly 20 years of seeking help in these places- in roughly 15 different modalities within them- and rarely seeing significant or permanent results for my pain and suffering, I found Willow.
    — A.N.

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