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Moon Pacts

Welcome to the transformative Moon Pact guided by the phases and Goddess.

What is a Moon Pact?

A Moon Pact is an ongoing healing connection that you have with Willow, which is a commitment to your transformation and self-empowerment.  A Moon Pact is a loving, conscious choice you make to put yourself first in life and open to the spiritual and intuitive guidance Willow offers through her devotion to Goddess.

What Happens During a Moon Pact?

For 1, 3 or 6 moons, you will be in a special healing experience that is designed for your unique needs and situation at the moment.  Because those needs, and you, change over time, you can expect the Moon Pact to evolve as you move through the moon phases with Willow. You will also work with the energy of the moon phase(s) for releasing or manifesting and the two are definitely NOT mutually exclusive!

Moon Pacts include weekly one-hour phone, skype or in person sessions for the duration of the Pact and digital follow-ups by your preferred mode of contact.  Follow-ups contain soulwork for you to focus on for the week, and it's usual for the work to continue with Willow's unique intuitive guidance that comes through for you.  You may get a spontaneous message from her that feels “right on time,” as the unique connection you two share opens the channel for wisdom to find its way to you, whether it be from a picture, quote, article, book, or song.  Willow loves sharing what comes through for you, and past clients have loved her way of knowing at just the right time what to say and share.

Willow brings the fire of transformation to her sessions. She gets right to the point...”

The Moon Pact is the ongoing healing and support you need for powerfully focused transformation and empowered changes in your life.

Who the 1 Moon, 3 moon and 6 Moon Pact is For

If you want healing and transformation on a deep level over time, with someone by your side intuitively guiding and supporting your journey along the way, the Moon Pact is for you.  A Pact is an opportunity to be in close connection with Willow and her spiritual nature on an ongoing basis.  Committing to your healing with a Pact allows you to dive into a variety of topics and address any challenges that need ongoing care. The level of focus and commitment is the key to rapid transformation and manifestation.

Moon Pacts, just like Time out of Time, is a healing offering guided by Goddess.  Willow offers her own unique blend of spiritual wisdom and intuitive care in alignment with her guidance from Goddess, guides and/or ancestors that show up to work with you.

No matter what your beliefs or background, she has a way to make the tools and teachings in your Moon Pact accessible for you.  Former clients loved her approach to sessions, which she describes as walking with you and helping show you the way.

Talking with Willow can help you decide whether you want to begin a 1 Moon, 3 Moon or 6 Moon Pact.  Scroll down this page to contact her. Get a free 30 minute call with Willow to see if you are a good fit! 

client Testimonials

  • Intuitive, knowledgeable, attentive, caring, sensitive, and powerful are all words I would use to describe Willow. She is an amazing healer who brings forth insight and clarity. I love working with Willow and all that she has to offer.
  • Willow brings the fire of transformation to her sessions. She gets right to the point, using divinely inspired words and phrases to help those who need and want it. In my sessions with Willow multiple tools and modalities of healing have been utilized. From tarot to poetry, belief modification to energy work, there truly is nothing that Willow limits herself by when it comes to her sessions.
    — A.P.
  • Willow is truly very gifted and everything she said resonated with me deeply. I almost cried listening to her reading because everything was just sooo spot on and it was exactly the confirmation i needed to move forward with trust and confidence in my heart.
    — S.A.
  • Willow is in an intuitive healer. Not one session is like the other...Candles were lit and the setting was peaceful and beautiful. Willow continued with body, chakra and stone work on me. I was completely unaware that I was so disconnected from my solar plexus and she helped me put the focus and attention to this area to stand in who I am. I left the session so much lighter and with clarity about my continued next steps. My healing and awareness continued for days.
    — R.C.
  • Wow. My session with Willow was truly outstanding. She offered me so much care that I could hardly receive it all. She is a clear channel who was able to dive deep with me to move through old pain and grief, bring inspiration and clarity to my current life decisions, and instantly dissolve any sense of imbalance, particularly worry...I am still feeling the positive effects of our deep work more than a week later. Thank you!
    — J.
  • I have suffered with more physical ailments than I care to count, and since I was a child have lived with emotional traumas that have crippled my life. I have sought help in psychology, Western medicine and Eastern medicine. After roughly 20 years of seeking help in these places- in roughly 15 different modalities within them- and rarely seeing significant or permanent results for my pain and suffering, I found Willow.
    — A.N.

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