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Magical Manifestation


Meeting Monthly for ongoing support.

Next meetings February 24th and March 24th 2p-5p. $40.00

Limited number of registrants. Drop-ins welcome. Please RSVP


OK, so I used to write down affirmations and paste them up on the bathroom mirror. I used to say them out loud and put them under my pillow. I used to carry detailed lists in my wallet. These can create some results, BUT there is soooo much more to manifesting than the Law of Attraction and affirmations alone! We have to look at our passion, our service, our emotions and beliefs. 

In The Magic of Manifestation: The 5 Principles of Prosperity Apprenticeships I will teach you what I have learned to become an EPIC manifestor! I have the most amazing and magical stories about what I have been able to manifest! They still amaze me!! This really works!! I will not only be teaching you in lecture, story and myth format but also doing group readings, live group spells and individual readings with optional private coaching sessions with me.

In private sessions I will delve into your belief systems, using R.I.S.E. to release what no longer serves you and fill you with empowerment! (R.I.S.E. Resonance, Integration, Shift, Emergence is a modality that takes you deep to the root of the issue, be ready to ride your edge!)

You will learn how to balance and approach your needs, desires and goals so that they don't become too narrow or limiting. The apprenticeship will also give you the space to declare your intent and be supported in your transformation in becoming a more intentional co-creator. It's time to get your needs met! Every challenge you have in every relationship hinges on your relationship with yourself! Do you love and honor yourself? Do you take time for yourself and your body? Do you listen to your intuition and honor it or ignore it? It's time to Decide. Commit. Act. You will be supported and held accountable to create that dream you have had for years!

The Magic of Manifestation: The 5 Principles of Prosperity Apprenticeship goes above and beyond the usual affirmations and visualizing exercises common in the manifestation movement. You'll be working with magic from Wiccan tradition to sweep away and let go of the blocks to your abundance in all areas of your life. If you want true abundance in all forms, this is the path for you!