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The Anima Mundi and Morphic Fields

Michelle Bellamy

 Picture: Pixabay

Picture: Pixabay

Anima Mundi and Morphic Fields

Anima Mundi, has been known in many cultures and times by many different names. It contains all the energy information, the blue print for matter, for species and all that is. It contains all our history, myth, symbols, and archetypes.

Morphic Resonance, a theory proposed by the biologist Rupert Sheldrake, supports the anima mundi while expanding it. Sheldrake is the former director of studies in biochemistry and cell biology at Clare College, Cambridge University. He is an author of more than 80 technical papers and 10 books including, Morphic Resonance, The Presence of the Past, and The Rebirth of Nature. Sheldrake’s theory compliments and deepens the known fields of physics, Carl Jung’s Collective Unconscious, The Big Bang, and Darwin’s Theory of Evolution (Sheldrake, n.d., Rupert Sheldrake: Biologist & Author).

“Morphic fields contain inherent memory, they organize mental, social, cultural, and behavioral fields. The fields contain larger fields as they resonate exchanging information. These fields include all living and non-living things” (Sheldrake, 1995, p 112).

A morphic field (symbol, species, story, belief system, culture, and place) can be tuned into by a person or form. They will receive the energy information from the field through morphic resonance. The assimilation, by the person or form, will alter the original field and then ripple back updated energy information to the rest of the collective of that field. As this continues, new energy information is stored in the memory bank of the morphic field.
The theory of morphic fields helps to illuminate the similarities of healing throughout all cultures and times. The differences then, are in the smaller morphic fields, whose culture, individuals, time, landscape, and stories ripple back through their field, changing it and sometimes distorting it. It goes both ways, connection to a field or idea can change us, our values, our beliefs, and ways of being in the world. The connection to the anima mundi, or morphic field, allows a fluid relay of energy information and opens one up to see, feel, and be directed. The anima mundi or field communicates with us in dreams, symbols and synchronicities.

"We know how this works in our own alchemical journey, how what we find beneath the surface changes our values in unexpected ways, how connections are then made and synchronicities occur that before would have been unbelievable. As we make these connections, we will begin to see that the world and our own selves both are more magical than we know" (Vaughan-Lee, 2005).

Author: Michelle Bellamy

Michelle has been in private practice as a healer in multiple modalities, taught numerous classes from Aromatherapy to Natural Birthing and led a year long energy based healers training. Michelle has recently been through trial by fire and has reached epic levels of manifestation. She is currently working on a new course program called Magical Manifestation and the 5 Elements of Abundance.

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