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I am a Magic Maker

Michelle Bellamy

I am a Magic Maker

     a mind shaker

I am Wild and Strong

     a heart and a song

I am Loving and Kind

    a hug and hand to bind

I am Nature and Trees

    a river and bees

I am Passion and Desire

    a lover will never tire

I am Wisdom and Faith

    a dream and a wish

I am the Moon and the Stars

     a light and a dark

I am a Mother and Daughter

     a sister and a partner

I am Music and a Drum

    a moving meditation

I am Water and Earth

     a lake and a birth

I am Chaos and Disruption

    a volcanic eruption

I am Destruction and Creation

     a forest fire and redemption

I am Life and Death

    a cycle like a breath

~Poem by Willow Tucker



 Photo by: Michelle Bellamy

Photo by: Michelle Bellamy