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Winter Solstice and The Spiral of Lights

Published on: Nov 10, 2013

Winter Solstice is the darkest day of the year, usually falling on December 21st. Since ancient times there was a celebration on this night to celebrate the returning of the sun and light and warmer days to come. The Winter is the time of the Crone, of turning inward and resting. Many still celebrate the Solstice as a time to burn the yule log all night, to set intentions to be carried into the New Year and honor the darkness from which all new growth comes. Just as the seed lies in wait in the dark earth for the spring to shine the sun upon it so it may burst through into the light, we celebrate the Spiral of Lights. It is a reverent ritual where one candle is lit in the center of the spiral, to represent our spiritual center. As we walk with our unlit candle, slowly and deliberately we contemplate our intentions for the coming year. As we walk towards the center of the spiral we also walk to our center where our intention resides. Upon arriving at the center we light our candle and light our intention with the fire. With reverence we carefully make our way back out from the center of our souls and the spiral and we gently place our lit candle within the spiral. In the end the spiral is lit up, from the darkness comes the light, with all of our intentions.

Soul Full Learning

Published on: Mar 12, 2013

The problem: Is test driven education destroying creativity, soul full learning, and creating stress and illness in children?  A review of current research and literature regarding education that reports on children from Kindergarten through High School. Study Methods: comparative research of efficacy of homework, links between school and stress and personal stories.  Basic findings; no current research supports or validates test based education or the quantity and quality of homework routinely assigned from K-8th.  There is a connection to stress, depression, suicide and drop out rates linked to the current model of education.  Conclusion or implications; educational reform is needed.  The educational reform should be based on an education that contributes to a love of true learning, creative thinking and a balanced life for children.

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”  W.B. Yeats

Soul-Full Learning

Children are losing their childhood, health and even their lives to a passion-less, soul -killing education that is based on philosophies that are unsupported by research.  Research has been conducted and thoroughly reviewed by respected members of the American Psychology Association and other organizations finding that test scores on standardized tests and correlation to the amount of homework given bare no efficacy in a real education. The current test driven standards by which the government dictates failed the purposes for which they were created and in fact are damaging the lives of children and eroding family life.  Homework is responsible for a large portion of the problems children and families face.  There is no separation of the mind from the body, therefore the type and quality of the education we subject our kids to directly affect their well being, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Are we to risk our children’s lives, souls and health to an educational system that is damaging, dysfunctional and disruptive to our children and families?

Recent Research and Statistics


There is a calling to learn something we love, something that feels right somewhere inside of us.  Few children are able to meet that need through public education and college.  In a culture that believes vocation is learning a skill so you can make money, regardless of your passions, it is no wonder that many children are stressed, depressed, disengaged and suicidal.

In a new documentary, Race to Nowhere, mother and director Vicki H. Abeles experiences an awakening to the crisis in education that is having a disturbing somatic expression in children.  Ms. Abeles begins to ask questions of parents, students, educators, colleges and psychologists, realizing this is a wide spread problem.  During this time she decides to make a movie to bring awareness to the public and create a change across the nation.  Most often, The Race to Nowhere is screened in school’s.


I saw the strain in my children as they navigated days filled with school, homework, tutoring and extracurricular activities. But it wasn’t until the crisis of my 12-year-old daughter being diagnosed with a stress induced illness that I was determined to do something.


After months of long evenings battling homework assignments, studying for tests and panic attacks in the middle of the night, we found her doubled over in pain, and rushed her to the emergency room.


Our test and achievement driven education system contributes to higher dropout rates and rates of burn-out.


Research shows that playful learning leads to better academic success than does a skills-and-drills approach, but this isn't happening in many of our schools.


The amount of homework assigned to kids from 6 to 9 almost tripled between 1981 and 1997. Assigned homework increased from about 44 minutes a week to more than 2 hours a week. Homework for kids aged 9 to 11 increased from about 2 hours and 50 minutes to more than 3 and a-half hours per week (The Race to Nowhere 2011)


Pair the above research with these statistics:  From 1980 to 1992…“the (suicide) rate increased among persons aged 15-18 years by 28.3% and among persons aged 10-14 years by 120%.

While the causes of suicide are complex the CDC does include severe stress from school as a causal factor in suicide. (CDC 2011)   Suicide is also in the top 3 causes of death for the 15-24 year old.


A 2006 synthesis of research on the effects of homework found no correlation between amount of time spent on homework and achievement for elementary school students, a moderate correlation in middle school (Race to Nowhere 2011)


The kill and drill approach is doing what the phrase says.  Education and real learning are not taking place and stress, anxiety, depression, stress-related illness, even suicide are on the rise.


Within the movie and on the Race to Nowhere website is a plea to Medical Professional to be aware to the signs of children stress.  These include depression, anxiety, headaches, dizziness, change of appetite, different sleep patterns and stomachaches.



Physicians are now seeing children for conditions such as stress, stomachache, head ache, attention deficit, sleep disturbance, exhaustion and eating disorders compared to the mumps and measles of yesteryear.


Amazingly, three-quarters of all health problems are related to stress and emotions.

Indeed, 75 percent of all health problems brought to doctors is emotional stress-related, according to the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Our work is cut out for us as we identify that source of stress and shun it to avoid increasing medical costs and other stressful situations.


The Center for Disease Control has published a study on their Preventing Chronic Disease Public Health Research, Practice and Policy pages.  This enlightening study, Exploring stress and coping among urban African American adolescents: the Shifting the Lens study, was conducted on a small group of 9th grade students and results showed that the highest stressor as perceived by the children themselves was school work. (Appendix.)


School stress was clearly articulated by the majority of teens. In the pile-sort activity,

school work was identified as the most frequent and important source of stress. Teens felt

stress from the increased amount of homework in the ninth grade and from worrying about

exams and grades. More boys (83%) than girls (61%) expressed worry about the amount of

school work (P = .36). One participant reported, “School cause stress, oh my goodness, so many

tests to take, so many classes to go to it give you a headache, it just wouldn’t feel right, like all this

pressure put on you for just this one little thing that you need in life to get through life and it

wasn’t right, all these tests.”


Several teens discussed stress from teacher relationships, particularly from a perceived lack of respect from teachers as well as general conflicts. Student–teacher relationships were a critical source of stress that youths cited as inhibiting their academic performance and school functioning


One participant commented, “My stress only comes from school. . . . But I deal with it most of the time with my family — I talk it out.”  (Chandra A, 2006)


Personal Stories and Interviews

Many stories from parents and children show the connection of stress from school and emotional, physical and mental illness. Thomas Moore writes of his ability to see the connection and the solution to his daughter’s illness with intuitive skill.


One day my daughter Siobhan was sitting on the bed with my wife and me when  I noticed a swelling on her neck.  I have had thyroid problems for thirty years, and there was no mistaking that bump.  It turned out she had Hashimoto’s Disease, an autoimmune disorder that affects the thyroid.  She was fourteen and just starting a new life in an excellent local high school.  She did well in school, but she couldn’t handle the load of homework and the long hours.  She would get up at 6 a.m. and still be finishing the day’s homework near midnight.  She was beginning to look chronically sick and exhausted.  So, we decided to homeschool. The Dance of Learning by Thomas Moore page 7



When my daughter Madison was in pre-school, she absolutely loved it!  She didn’t want to leave.  She was a very social and busy little girl with no other siblings at home.  Madison had a very different experience when she started Kindergarten in public school.  She loved the children, the school and the teacher but the homework was grueling.  She was very articulate regarding the issue.  She would say, “this is the same thing we did at school!”, “this is boring”, “I want to play”, “why can’t I just do all of this at home”?  At 5 years old, she was already aware that the system provided at the public school level was not appropriate for her, it was already killing her little soul.


I persisted and struggled through homework with her, every evening it was a battle.  The homework battle is an extremely common theme among families.  The first questions and most of the conversation once children come home for school is regarding homework.


It went on into first grade, when stomach aches and headaches began.  Getting her to school and doing homework was beginning to give me stress symptoms!   Madison continued to have bodily symptoms of stress caused by her public school experience.  One day she came home in tears saying that she liked school but she didn’t feel that she belonged there.  I pulled Madison out of public school and home schooled her.  Her symptoms dissappeared, there was a noticable change in her focus, energy, and physical stress symptoms within one month.  As her soul healed so did her body and mind.


Madison continued to clearly articulate what she wanted to learn and how she wanted to learn it.  She despised working on sheets out of workbooks.  They were like school, “boring.”  When I asked why it was boring she would say things like, “there is no color, it doesn’t say anything interesting about animals.”  We did math with chalk on the driveway, made soap, created a huge medicine wheel in the back yard all the while learning math.  Using a Waldorf Curriculum, Madison and our whole family flourished in the creativity, rhythm and respect for nature inherent in the philosophy.  There were field trips, stories, singing, music, art, outdoor play, a gentle flow to our days and no homework.  At the end of our year of homeschooling she expressed a deep desire to be with other children in a school. She was clear that returning to public school was not an option.  Madison integrated into a Waldorf School with ease, no physical symptoms and no homework, she was happy.


Rudolf Steiner, the man behind Waldorf Education believed that children should have plenty of time to play and be creative.  He also believed that education would help children develop abilities and capacities they would need as adults and that an understanding and inclusion of children’s forming body, spirit and heart were all critical in the process of education.  He had a strong belief in academic excellence but saw no benefit in homework as busywork.  Homework in a Waldorf Curriculum isn’t introduced until 3rd grade, and an example would be writing a poem.  In the upper grades he would encourage it as voluntary, and something that the child becomes inspired to study.

He did not disapprove of children doing work at home – his commitment to academic excellence meant quite the reverse – he simply disapproved of their being made to do specific ‘homework’. His idea was that the teacher should be able to inspire the pupils so that they could then go off and study on their own.


Today Madison attends a Waldorf Inspired Alternative Public school.  The school wants to continue to learn, grow and share their vision with other schools.  Madison absolutely loves her 5th grade teacher.  He listens with respect to the children, he is connected on a deep level to each of them and teaches them things that inspire and enrich their lives.  Madison’s symptoms of headaches and stomachaches return only when she is overscheduled or has too much pressure and stress.  Madison listens to the messages her body sends and as her mother, I respect her needs and make adjustments whenever needed.


Rudolf Steiner also saw the connection between the body and mind and how teacher and education could impact the students physical and mental well-being.  Rudolf Steiner in his book Soul-Economy explains a situation where a teacher may be teaching a lesson and notice a particular child go pale.  Being a well trained and intuitive teacher, he/she realizes too much memory content had been given to this particular child and if left unnoticed and unattended to it would further progress into a psychological issue of anxiety.  This imaginary situation he is describing would then be remedied by showing the child beautiful pictures and images about the content they were studying and lessen the memorization for that child. page 78-79


My Experience

My memories of school are that the work was usually boring and repetitive and what made a class fun was the teacher.  The classes that I enjoyed the most in school were choir and music , with my favorite teacher Mr. E.  In addition, I was pleasantly surprised with my A period Economics when we were allowed as a class to choose a business and actually operate it that semester.  We choose singing telegrams and it was very successful.  This is an example of a teacher that allowed us to actively engage in critical thinking and be creative.

My own experience entering college to discuss my plans with a career counselor revealed that regardless of what you were passionate about and interested in, you needed to do what you could make the most money at.  Therefore, I was discouraged from pursuing psychology and instead directed to a business degree.  During the process of attending college and developing a successful career in Business I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Bladder Infections and Occular Migraines.  By the time I realized that I wasn’t happy in that line of work, I was 30 years old.  After changing listening to what my body needed and what my soul was calling for I changed careers, started a family releasing the Fibromyalgia and Chronic Bladder Infections permanently. In my experience when I was able to reduce stress and listen to the messages my body was sending me, I was able to rid myself of the condition.  I also engaged myself in learning and studying what my soul had really been after and it fed and nourished me greatly.





Research that correlates stress, depression and suicide specifically to school and homework stress needs to done on a larger scale.  We know suicide is occurring at younger and younger ages and are seeing an increase in stress and stress-related illnesses in children.  There is a correlation to stress, but conclusive research based evidence needs to be conducted. Intuitively, parents and children know what is causing problems and disruptions in their lives and are beginning to make changes.  Children, parents and educators are taking a stand, writing books, filming movies, starting organizations, sharing their stories and creating a shift in the collective unconscious which will bring the soul back into education.  The call of our spirits to align with our true calling, our vocation, will bring our bodies, minds and spirits to a state of balance, health and happiness.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  Albert Einstein

The Forest

Published on: Mar 2, 2013

"Have you ever walked in a forest and felt that there is something magical and alive about the trees and plants? Have you ever felt a connection with them? Here's the answer. They are conscious beings energetically sensitive environment just like you are. They really can pick up on your thoughts and the energy they create.

Dr. Cleve Backster, former CIA operative, was one of the early developers of the polygraph machine (lie detector test that picks up electrical activity on the skin). While in his lab, Dr. Backster got the idea to hook up a plant leaf to the polygraph machine and try to get a reaction out of it. He tried tapping the leaf with a pen and dipping a leaf in his coffee, and there was no reaction on the polygraph chart. Then he had the thought "I'll go to my desk and burn the leaf with some matches", and as soon as this thought entered into his mind, the plant had an energetic response: the lines on the graph excelled to the top of the chart similar to electrical activity a person gives off during feelings of anxiety. The plant "screamed" from his thoughts alone, but only when it knew his thoughts were genuine making the plant feel threatened.

This effect was repeated in his lab, in front of live audiences, and even on the television show "Myth Busters". Backster also got similar polygraph results from shrimp, eggs, and even human DNA. If you are interested in this, there is a book called “The Secret Life of Plants” which also has many other scientists accounts of the physical, emotional, and spiritual connections between plants and man.

The creation is alive and conscious. It is energetically sensitive to its environment just as we are. We share the consciousness field with all of creation, and our thoughts produce energetic currents that propagate through space that all life is aware of on a scientifically measurable level. You and your thoughts are one with it in the most direct way. So to all the tree huggers out there who claim that the trees understand them and communicate with them, there may be more validity to that they we think;)" A video of him in his lab demonstrating this

Original study:

Spirit Science and Metaphysics
Spirit Science

Collective World Consciousness, Law of One and the Ascension of Earth Soul Group Ra

Published on: Jan 27, 2013

By Debbie West (Houston TX-  Jan 19, 2013)

The world’s understanding of the Law of One unfolds as we experience a DNA shift that will result in the ascension of the Earth Soul Group Ra into a higher density. The collective soul of Earth known as Ra our Sun needs the power of the world to unite into one consciousness of positive light energy during this ascension process that we will all participate in.

We will now allow the Children of the Law of One to lead us into the New Age of Aquarius and enlightenment for all souls. Follow the heart to find the truth. Old myths about what we thought was reality will shatter as we collectively realize a better less complex condition of humanity.  

Our mission is to work together with all beings to support the growth of the Ra Group Soul of Earth into the higher density of the heart vibration and to teach others to feel their heart by sharing ours.  Deep within us exists our knowing that once we were all one and that we will unite again.  In unity we overcome fear. 

It is a necessary act of evolution and growth to suffer as we manifest our soul’s potential but we must remain in gratitude for our loving source and all beings that exist for our good.  Humanity lives in a multidimensional world where spirit, not the human body, is reality. Our experience in human incarnation on the earth plane is but a small part of our soul experience, but one where important lessons are learned about our ability to follow the Universal Law, the only one that matters.

Love the Lord thy God with all your heart.  Love thy neighbor as thy self.” We are all a piece of the universal consciousness that is God, may you find that piece of God now within yourself.  Nourish it, love it unconditionally, then transfer that love to your neighbors and all of creation. 

These are turbulent times, prophesized earth changes are upon us.  Act with nobility and love; and crucially, use discernment to find the truth of whatever you experience.  Reach into your soul for knowledge and the God within.

Our soul memory that we are immortal beings allows us to feel the truth and is the persistence that pressures us to grow.

Do not fear the earth changes that must occur just as we need not fear the death of the human body.  As immortals, our Spirit, the soul, exists beyond all sense of reality forever and ever and our earth experience is a small part of this reality but the only part we can see in third dimension. 

As we ascend as a unified soul into a higher dimension with the help of our creator beings, our experience of one-ness expands and deepens, as does our understanding of our reality.  Once again the earth will have the harmony of compassion that we lost in the Fall, as we ascend and join many other light beings in the higher dimensions.  They await our arrival and applaud our struggle and rejoice as they see the light prevail -  as they knew it would.

We are all our brothers keeper.  Selmat Ja! Be in Joy!

 Scientists Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies

Published on: Jan 24, 2013

Scientists Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies

By Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf

THE HUMAN DNA IS A BIOLOGICAL INTERNET and superior in many aspects to the artificial one. Russian scientific research directly or indirectly explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self healing, affirmation techniques, unusual light/auras aroun
d people (namely spiritual masters), mind’s influence on weather patterns and much more. In addition, there is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies WITHOUT cutting out and replacing single genes.

Only 10% of our DNA is being used for building proteins. It is this subset of DNA that is of interest to western researchers and is being examined and categorized. The other 90% are considered “junk DNA.” The Russian researchers, however, convinced that nature was not dumb, joined linguists and geneticists in a venture to explore those 90% of “junk DNA.” Their results, findings and conclusions are simply revolutionary! According to them, our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves as data storage and in communication. The Russian linguists found that the genetic code, especially in the apparently useless 90%, follows the same rules as all our human languages. To this end they compared the rules of syntax (the way in which words are put together to form phrases and sentences), semantics (the study of meaning in language forms) and the basic rules of grammar. They found that the alkalines of our DNA follow a regular grammar and do have set rules just like our languages. So human languages did not appear coincidentally but are a reflection of our inherent DNA.

The Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues also explored the vibrational behavior of the DNA. [For the sake of brevity I will give only a summary here. For further exploration please refer to the appendix at the end of this article.] The bottom line was: “Living chromosomes function just like solitonic/holographic computers using the endogenous DNA laser radiation.” This means that they managed for example to modulate certain frequency patterns onto a laser ray and with it influenced the DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself. Since the basic structure of DNA-alkaline pairs and of language (as explained earlier) are of the same structure, no DNA decoding is necessary.

One can simply use words and sentences of the human language! This, too, was experimentally proven! Living DNA substance (in living tissue, not in vitro) will always react to language-modulated laser rays and even to radio waves, if the proper frequencies are being used.

This finally and scientifically explains why affirmations, autogenous training, hypnosis and the like can have such strong effects on humans and their bodies. It is entirely normal and natural for our DNA to react to language. While western researchers cut single genes from the DNA strands and insert them elsewhere, the Russians enthusiastically worked on devices that can influence the cellular metabolism through suitable modulated radio and light frequencies and thus repair genetic defects.

Garjajev’s research group succeeded in proving that with this method chromosomes damaged by x-rays for example can be repaired. They even captured information patterns of a particular DNA and transmitted it onto another, thus reprogramming cells to another genome. ?So they successfully transformed, for example, frog embryos to salamander embryos simply by transmitting the DNA information patterns! This way the entire information was transmitted without any of the side effects or disharmonies encountered when cutting out and re-introducing single genes from the DNA. This represents an unbelievable, world-transforming revolution and sensation! All this by simply applying vibration and language instead of the archaic cutting-out procedure! This experiment points to the immense power of wave genetics, which obviously has a greater influence on the formation of organisms than the biochemical processes of alkaline sequences.

Esoteric and spiritual teachers have known for ages that our body is programmable by language, words and thought. This has now been scientifically proven and explained. Of course the frequency has to be correct. And this is why not everybody is equally successful or can do it with always the same strength. The individual person must work on the inner processes and maturity in order to establish a conscious communication with the DNA. The Russian researchers work on a method that is not dependent on these factors but will ALWAYS work, provided one uses the correct frequency.

But the higher developed an individual’s consciousness is, the less need is there for any type of device! One can achieve these results by oneself, and science will finally stop to laugh at such ideas and will confirm and explain the results. And it doesn’t end there.?The Russian scientists also found out that our DNA can cause disturbing patterns in the vacuum, thus producing magnetized wormholes! Wormholes are the microscopic equivalents of the so-called Einstein-Rosen bridges in the vicinity of black holes (left by burned-out stars).? These are tunnel connections between entirely different areas in the universe through which information can be transmitted outside of space and time. The DNA attracts these bits of information and passes them on to our consciousness. This process of hyper communication is most effective in a state of relaxation. Stress, worries or a hyperactive intellect prevent successful hyper communication or the information will be totally distorted and useless.

In nature, hyper communication has been successfully applied for millions of years. The organized flow of life in insect states proves this dramatically. Modern man knows it only on a much more subtle level as “intuition.” But we, too, can regain full use of it. An example from Nature: When a queen ant is spatially separated from her colony, building still continues fervently and according to plan. If the queen is killed, however, all work in the colony stops. No ant knows what to do. Apparently the queen sends the “building plans” also from far away via the group consciousness of her subjects. She can be as far away as she wants, as long as she is alive. In man hyper communication is most often encountered when one suddenly gains access to information that is outside one’s knowledge base. Such hyper communication is then experienced as inspiration or intuition. The Italian composer Giuseppe Tartini for instance dreamt one night that a devil sat at his bedside playing the violin. The next morning Tartini was able to note down the piece exactly from memory, he called it the Devil’s Trill Sonata.

For years, a 42-year old male nurse dreamt of a situation in which he was hooked up to a kind of knowledge CD-ROM. Verifiable knowledge from all imaginable fields was then transmitted to him that he was able to recall in the morning. There was such a flood of information that it seemed a whole encyclopedia was transmitted at night. The majority of facts were outside his personal knowledge base and reached technical details about which he knew absolutely nothing.

When hyper communication occurs, one can observe in the DNA as well as in the human being special phenomena. The Russian scientists irradiated DNA samples with laser light. On screen a typical wave pattern was formed. When they removed the DNA sample, the wave pattern did not disappear, it remained. Many control experiments showed that the pattern still came from the removed sample, whose energy field apparently remained by itself. This effect is now called phantom DNA effect. It is surmised that energy from outside of space and time still flows through the activated wormholes after the DNA was removed. The side effect encountered most often in hyper communication also in human beings are inexplicable electromagnetic fields in the vicinity of the persons concerned. Electronic devices like CD players and the like can be irritated and cease to function for hours. When the electromagnetic field slowly dissipates, the devices function normally again. Many healers and psychics know this effect from their work. The better the atmosphere and the energy, the more frustrating it is that the recording device stops functioning and recording exactly at that moment. And repeated switching on and off after the session does not restore function yet, but next morning all is back to normal. Perhaps this is reassuring to read for many, as it has nothing to do with them being technically inept, it means they are good at hyper communication.

In their book “Vernetzte Intelligenz” (Networked Intelligence), Grazyna Gosar and Franz Bludorf explain these connections precisely and clearly. The authors also quote sources presuming that in earlier times humanity had been, just like the animals, very strongly connected to the group consciousness and acted as a group. To develop and experience individuality we humans however had to forget hyper communication almost completely. Now that we are fairly stable in our individual consciousness, we can create a new form of group consciousness, namely one, in which we attain access to all information via our DNA without being forced or remotely controlled about what to do with that information. We now know that just as on the internet our DNA can feed its proper data into the network, can call up data from the network and can establish contact with other participants in the network. Remote healing, telepathy or “remote sensing” about the state of relatives etc.. can thus be explained. Some animals know also from afar when their owners plan to return home. That can be freshly interpreted and explained via the concepts of group consciousness and hyper communication. Any collective consciousness cannot be sensibly used over any period of time without a distinctive individuality. Otherwise we would revert to a primitive herd instinct that is easily manipulated.

Hyper communication in the new millennium means something quite different: Researchers think that if humans with full individuality would regain group consciousness, they would have a god-like power to create, alter and shape things on Earth! AND humanity is collectively moving toward such a group consciousness of the new kind. Fifty percent of today’s children will be problem children as soon as the go to school. The system lumps everyone together and demands adjustment. But the individuality of today’s children is so strong that that they refuse this adjustment and giving up their idiosyncrasies in the most diverse ways.

At the same time more and more clairvoyant children are born [see the book “China’s Indigo Children”by Paul Dong or the chapter about Indigos in my book “Nutze die taeglichen Wunder”(Make Use of the Daily Wonders)]. Something in those children is striving more and more towards the group consciousness of the new kind, and it will no longer be suppressed. As a rule, weather for example is rather difficult to influence by a single individual. But it may be influenced by a group consciousness (nothing new to some tribes doing it in their rain dances). Weather is strongly influenced by Earth resonance frequencies, the so-called Schumann frequencies. But those same frequencies are also produced in our brains, and when many people synchronize their thinking or individuals (spiritual masters, for instance) focus their thoughts in a laser-like fashion, then it is scientifically speaking not at all surprising if they can thus influence weather.

Researchers in group consciousness have formulated the theory of Type I civilizations. A humanity that developed a group consciousness of the new kind would have neither environmental problems nor scarcity of energy. For if it were to use its mental power as a unified civilization, it would have control of the energies of its home planet as a natural consequence. And that includes all natural catastrophes!!! A theoretical Type II civilization would even be able to control all energies of their home galaxy. In my book “Nutze die taeglichen Wunder,” I have described an example of this: Whenever a great many people focus their attention or consciousness on something similar like Christmas time, football world championship or the funeral of Lady Diana in England then certain random number generators in computers start to deliver ordered numbers instead of the random ones. An ordered group consciousness creates order in its whole surroundings!

When a great number of people get together very closely, potentials of violence also dissolve. It looks as if here, too, a kind of humanitarian consciousness of all humanity is created.(The Global Consciousness Project)

To come back to the DNA: It apparently is also an organic superconductor that can work at normal body temperature. Artificial superconductors require extremely low temperatures of between 200 and 140°C to function. As one recently learned, all superconductors are able to store light and thus information. This is a further explanation of how the DNA can store information. There is another phenomenon linked to DNA and wormholes. Normally, these supersmall wormholes are highly unstable and are maintained only for the tiniest fractions of a second. Under certain conditions stable wormholes can organize themselves which then form distinctive vacuum domains in which for example gravity can transform into electricity.

Vacuum domains are self-radiant balls of ionized gas that contain considerable amounts of energy. There are regions in Russia where such radiant balls appear very often. Following the ensuing confusion the Russians started massive research programs leading finally to some of the discoveries mentions above. Many people know vacuum domains as shiny balls in the sky. The attentive look at them in wonder and ask themselves, what they could be. I thought once: “Hello up there. If you happen to be a UFO, fly in a triangle.” And suddenly, the light balls moved in a triangle. Or they shot across the sky like ice hockey pucks. They accelerated from zero to crazy speeds while sliding gently across the sky. One is left gawking and I have, as many others, too, thought them to be UFOs. Friendly ones, apparently, as they flew in triangles just to please me. Now the Russians found in the regions, where vacuum domains appear often that sometimes fly as balls of light from the ground upwards into the sky, that these balls can be guided by thought. One has found out since that vacuum domains emit waves of low frequency as they are also produced in our brains.

And because of this similarity of waves they are able to react to our thoughts. To run excitedly into one that is on ground level might not be such a great idea, because those balls of light can contain immense energies and are able to mutate our genes. They can, they don’t necessarily have to, one has to say. For many spiritual teachers also produce such visible balls or columns of light in deep meditation or during energy work which trigger decidedly pleasant feelings and do not cause any harm. Apparently this is also dependent on some inner order and on the quality and provenance of the vacuum domain. There are some spiritual teachers (the young Englishman Ananda, for example) with whom nothing is seen at first, but when one tries to take a photograph while they sit and speak or meditate in hyper communication, one gets only a picture of a white cloud on a chair. In some Earth healing projects such light effects also appear on photographs. Simply put, these phenomena have to do with gravity and anti-gravity forces that are also exactly described in the book and with ever more stable wormholes and hyper communication and thus with energies from outside our time and space structure.

Earlier generations that got in contact with such hyper communication experiences and visible vacuum domains were convinced that an angel had appeared before them. And we cannot be too sure to what forms of consciousness we can get access when using hyper communication. Not having scientific proof for their actual existence (people having had such experiences do NOT all suffer from hallucinations) does not mean that there is no metaphysical background to it. We have simply made another giant step towards understanding our reality.

Official science also knows of gravity anomalies on Earth (that contribute to the formation of vacuum domains), but only of ones of below one percent. But recently gravity anomalies have been found of between three and four percent. One of these places is Rocca di Papa, south of Rome (exact location in the book “Vernetzte Intelligenz” plus several others). Round objects of all kinds, from balls to full buses, roll uphill. But the stretch in Rocca di Papa is rather short, and defying logic sceptics still flee to the theory of optical illusion (which it cannot be due to several features of the location).

All information is taken from the book “Vernetzte Intelligenz” von Grazyna Fosar und Franz Bludorf, ISBN 3930243237, summarized and commented by Baerbel. The book is unfortunately only available in German so far. You can reach the authors here:

Transmitted by Vitae Bergman[ ]

The World Soul

Published on: Dec 27, 2012

Anima Mundi and Morphic Fields
Anima Mundi, or the World’s Soul, has been known in many cultures and times by many different names. The World Soul, as I imagine it, contains all the energy information, the blue print for matter, for species and all that is. It contains all our history, myth, symbols, and archetypes.
Morphic Resonance, a theory proposed by the biologist Rupert Sheldrake, supports the anima mundi while expanding it. Sheldrake is the former director of studies in biochemistry and cell biology at Clare College, Cambridge University. He is an author of more than 80 technical papers and 10 books including, Morphic Resonance, The Presence of the Past, and The Rebirth of Nature. Sheldrake’s theory compliments and deepens the known fields of physics, Carl Jung’s Collective Unconscious, The Big Bang, and Darwin’s Theory of Evolution (Sheldrake, n.d., Rupert Sheldrake: Biologist & Author).
“Morphic fields contain inherent memory, they organize mental, social, cultural, and behavioral fields. The fields contain larger fields as they resonate exchanging information. These fields include all living and non-living things” (Sheldrake, 1995, p 112).
A morphic field (symbol, species, story, belief system, culture, and place) can be tuned into by a person or form. They will receive the energy information from the field through morphic resonance. The assimilation, by the person or form, will alter the original field and then ripple back updated energy information to the rest of the collective of that field. As this continues, new energy information is stored in the memory bank of the morphic field.
The theory of morphic fields helps to illuminate the similarities of healing throughout all cultures and times. The differences then, are in the smaller morphic fields, whose culture, individuals, time, landscape, and stories ripple back through their field, changing it and sometimes distorting it. It goes both ways, connection to a field or idea can change us, our values, our beliefs, and ways of being in the world. The connection to the anima mundi, or morphic field, allows a fluid relay of energy information and opens one up to see, feel, and be directed. The anima mundi or field communicates with us in dreams, symbols and synchronicities.

"We know how this works in our own alchemical journey, how what we find beneath the surface changes our values in unexpected ways, how connections are then made and synchronicities occur that before would have been unbelievable. As we make these connections, we will begin to see that the world and our own selves both are more magical than we know" (Vaughan-Lee, 2005).

Be Well,

Willow Tucker

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Published on: Dec 11, 2012

Eclipses, planetary alignments, huge incoming vibrational realignments and upgrades and now the numerological event 12/12/12. How much more can we assimilate?? At times the energy has been so intense, it may be all that we can do to function in our day to day lives and that was perfect if it kept us in the present moment. Polarity, black and white, aggression and chaos are just not working the way they used to....wooo hooo! We are shedding all the garbage and learning that it is all about being love, being neutral and first and foremost being our authentic selves. When we are all of these things we are free and that is the energy that the 12/12/12 portal is birthing. The ascended light bearers among us will hold a frequency that allows others to be able to shift into the frequency of love and freedom. Once that critical mass is reached the love with spread across humanity like the 100th monkey effect.

When the portal opens on 12/12/12 at 12:12pm in whatever time zone you are in be in a position of readiness, prepare yourself before hand and open yourself to receive and transmit love. Light workers that have reached the point in ascension where they are able to transmit a high frequency or activate others should be available, fully ground and embodied, in the present and ready to absorb and transmit the new frequency to humanity and all life on earth.

The new frequency, as the others we have been receiving will affect our light bodies, if you have a light body awareness and by this I mean, you feel or sense your aura, your chakras or you aware when you are being transmitted new frequencies you are sure to feel this. Be aware that it will integrate into your aura and chakras first opening up new abilities and awarenesses making access to other realms effortless. The new energy will continue on into the blue print of your physical body, your very DNA, nervous system and brain. Whatever energies in whatever dimensions resonate with your new higher frequency will be available to you, easily.

This is a time where everything aligns, where the beginning meets with the now, where all of the you's that exist and have existed merge in full awareness.

As always the new frequencies come from the Galactic Heart and are transmitted through the Sun. In the merging of time, there is also a merging of the Galactic Heart with the Sun, eliminating polarity and duality by merging. This is unity consciousness. It is freedom, it is love, it is being your authentic self while being merged with unity consciousness.

All of this is being supported by the morphic fields of energy intelligence we call planets. I am not an astrology expert but I am a huge fan! I know from my own experience with the planets, eclipses, full moons and different planetary alignments that the alignments during the next couple of weeks will create a powerful vortex of energy directed at earth. There will be an alignment of our sun with what some call the central sun. I imagine that all the morphic fields of each dimension merge into one huge vortex of a new morphic field bringing all energy, wisdom, information into one field that is available as never before.

Release all expectations, we cannot know how anything will play out. The most important thing is to remember that dualities and polarities will no longer be supported. Example: my relationship is not working because....fill in the blank with anything other than your own self, your own inner work and love. You will be reminded again and again that you must do your own inner work, nothing no person or thing external from you is the answer. You must love, love, love and it starts with you.

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Be Well,


Who is my soul mate?

Published on: Dec 8, 2012

Who is my soul mate? When will I be loved?
How do I make my partner love me and stay with me?

These are all really deep questions. YOU are your soul mate. Before any other relationship, the relationship with self is the highest priority. If you have been looking for the right partner and have not found them, the answer is to look within at your own relationship to the self. If you feel incomplete, lonely and unhappy by yourself then there is work to be done before you can attract the right person. If you have been struggling for a really long time in a relationship and focusing on your partner and what they should change or what do you need to do so they will stay in the relationship you are missing the mark. Even if you are doing your own deep work you cannot focus or control or change your partner. This is an illusion, a distraction, an agenda that will cause further separation with the person you are trying to connect with. They need to be loved, understood and accepted for who they are, just like you need those same things. You need to focus on getting your own needs met, not by something external or by another person but for yourself.

The energy that is showing up on the planet is about relationship in collaboration with respect and reverence for the self-empowered individual. Co-dependency, blame, projection, enabling are taking on a new twist that cannot be continued in the new frequency. So you must shift or let it go. We must look inside ourselves. We don't want to do that so we project on others and make them responsible. All that you seek is inside and under your control.

Here are what some others are saying...

"Many of you are RE-ASSESSING your own worth since the is not your partner or lack thereof that is the problem with your life. It is NEVER about the other, always YOU. Partners AMPLIFY what we need to accept about ourselves. OK. There is a lot of pressure on us from then UNIVERSE to accept our own responsibility within partnerships. So if you are willing to do this, then watch partnerships flow, but also watch the NEW PARTNERSHIPS to be all about respecting individuality, as well as the team. "Elizabeth Peru

"And this is what Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn are inviting us to do. For many, inward looking is terrifying; hence, the persistent emphasis on appearances, on status, on money, on everything but the actual content of who a person is. One resulting shadow side of both of these transits is emotional fear resulting in knee-jerk conservatism, denial and withdrawal. Such is almost always directed at sex and its creative power, and that is much of what Pluto and Scorpio are describing. If the reactionary thinking is recognized for what it is, there will be an obvious invitation to healing."

"One reason why abusive relationships are so wildly popular is because they provide a hedge against intimacy. The abuse, the drama, the standoffs and the lack of empathy render intimacy impossible, so in this respect the dramas serve those who are afraid to be close to others. Yet it goes deeper -- I am fond of the definition of intimacy offered by my friend, the poet Jason Blickstein -- into-me-see. The fear of intimacy is also the fear of seeing into oneself, to address what might be there."

" A diversity of social rules support people in sticking with relationships that don't work, in part by failing to support us in being autonomous people."

"Let's put it this way. To get out of this loop, you have to really want to. It is possible. It is necessary, even if many don't get around to it. Yet it takes focus, determination, time, willingness and resources. It takes cultivating selflove and patience. It does not happen 'by itself'. And it's not realistic to expect there to be one magical relationship that will come along and save you. That expectation is a big part of the problem we face." Eric Fracis, Planet Waves

There's a reminder from A Course in Miracles that I would offer you, which places a lens in front of the astrology we're experiencing.

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. It is not necessary to seek for what is true, but it is necessary to seek for what is false.

"Every illusion is one of fear, whatever form it takes. And the attempt to escape from one illusion into another must fail. If you seek love outside yourself you can be certain that you perceive hatred within, and are afraid of it. Yet peace will never come from the illusion of love, but only from its reality."

I sincerely love working with clients and am continually amazed at how the energy of the planet shows up as a common theme in sessions and readings! Then as I see a theme, I begin blogging and talking about it and within a few days I see other healers, astrologers and seers talking about the same energy. We are all in this together and relationships are important to us, but it is the relationship with self that the divine is shining its light on. Stand within that light and make your own light shine, it will Change you, it will change your relationships and it will change the world.

Be Well,

Willow Tucker

Relationships and Love During Ascension

Published on: Dec 7, 2012

People are afraid to let go of relationships even when they suffer so much in them. They hold tight to the belief that the other person is wrong, and is hurting them and if they would just change everything would be better. I began to ask, why do you want to be in that relationship? There would be a moment of clarity, the possibility of a new life where they would love and honor themselves, be creative and empowered and have strong boundaries to not let others treat them poorly. The next session would be back to more of the same, how can I change them, what is going to happen to our relationship?

What I realized is that each person is looking for love, but looking outside of themselves.

When they are not getting it outside of themselves they then blame it on the person they are expecting to get it from.

The other person is a mirror.

If you are not loving and respecting yourself you will never be able to get it from anyone else. Each relationship is a mirror. At the end of these times now in 2012 we are being asked to shift the consciousness of the planet to a love vibration, but it has to start with ourselves!

We are the only person we can control or change.

When we let go of trying to control or change the other and accept them exactly as they are in love in compassion we free up untold amounts of energy to use on loving ourselves. Trying to change other people is a way to stay in distraction and out of our own transformational work, but I will say, we can do a lot of healing while we are doing that as the mirror will always show us what we are seeing in others. We will project onto the others the very thing that we need to shift in ourselves. When we see it and we shift, miracles happen. We are happier! It is scary to take responsibility and realize we are not a victim. It is scary to shift and transform knowing, even if only on an unconscious level that we may be putting too great of a vibrational distance between our relationship. As we ascend in vibration by following our hearts and our truth the space between us and others widens. We begin to lose connection and don't feel in sync. I just went through this as I was upgraded. But it is the only way, any other way just causes sorrow. The others in your life will react, they will feel distance, they will be irritated or repelled by the new vibration or they will be inspired and rise with you or a combination of these. It is critical at this time to move through the fears of losing relationships because we need every individual to access their true self, express their heart and raise their vibrations for the good of the planet and for the good of all of us as individuals and for our relationships, its the only way.

Love is the only way.

Read this amazing article by my dear friend Julia Piatt, one of my great spiritual teachers that shifted me into to ultra high spiritual ascension gear in February 2011 during a super storm full moon sweat lodge on her blessed property.

New energy on the planet

Published on: Dec 6, 2012

My Eclipse Experience of being showered with New Energy

During the last full moon lunar eclipse period I was completely exhausted. I realized it was energetic but was to "in it" to know exactly what was happening. I had to rest, a lot. Somehow, I got a lot of creative and personal work done even though it felt like I was moving through quicksand. The quicksand feeling, I am now realizing, was the energy upgrade which increased the frequency and speed of existence and I was still integrating that with reality so reality seemed heavy and slow. This upgrade had the largest impact on my endocrine system and completely changed my hormones and my second chakra went through a complete overhaul. I revisited my pregnancy from 1999 when I was still in the beginning of my ascension process and many of the physical sensations of the pregnancy and birth. I feel like I am pregnant and have several symptoms that are identical to the symptoms I had during my first pregnancy. My second chakra feels like it completely was shut down and rebooted. It was down for at least 8-9 days and was just rebooted today. I also noticed a shift in my channeling of information, it came through in a much more clear and to the point way. Now this doesn't sound that different from what I usually do, if you are a client of mine you know what I am talking about. But it is different. It is a whole other layer of staying on task and the task is love. Here is what a fellow ascension healer has said about the endocrine system..." I discovered that the endocrine system not only gives you your psychic abilities, it also regulates the production of hormones in your system and hormones regulate just about every function in your body including your emotions, weight, body temperature, libido, mental acuity, concentration, sight, etc. Hormones tell the other cells of the body what to do. If some hormones are deficient, the cells that rely on them don’t function properly." "Based on this information, I began to wonder if emotional clearing was in someway connected to FM and CFS. During emotional clearing the endocrine glands (hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal, adrenals and gonads) are greatly stressed through the triggering of deep-seated fears and repressed memories. When we experience emotional or physical stress our hormone production becomes erratic. When this occurs on a continuous basis as with emotional clearing, some hormones are nearly wiped out and others are over produced and we experience the corresponding symptoms, i.e., weight gain, aching joints and muscles, short-term memory loss, persistent fatigue, low-grade fevers, word searching, etc. In other words we develop FM and/or CFS or develop the same symptoms." "It appears that we attract solutions to our symptoms and are guided to those practitioners and therapies that complete the healing process as we clear the associating beliefs and patterns. So there is relief for our ascension symptoms." Jelaila Starr. She goes on to speak a lot about Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatique Syndrome, or as I call them Ascension symptoms so if you are interested go to her page. Here is another one of my eclipse experiences I blogged about in July, 2011.

What does the New Science say about this?

As new energy enters this planet we receive it first as an energy vibration through our new ascension chakras which act as an antenna system to receive the new information. Then from the chakras and aura it creates a new blueprint for the other layers of the aura and the physical body. The body then begins to read the new biological and energetic blueprint and create a new biology utilizing the endocrine system which sends out all of the information to the rest of the body. I believe this is related to and maybe just the same as what biologist Rupert Sheldrake calls Morphogentic Fields. These new fields of energy are entering the planet from the cosmos and are impacted by planetary alignments. Each planet has an energy signature and a morphic field. A morphic field is a field of energy information that when we receive it in our energy body and in our cells, we change. "Einstein said the field is the sole governing agency of matter. Fields of energy dictate the behavior of everything – from subatomic particles to massive planets. When you see a sudden change in an energy system, it will cause a sudden change to an ecosystem." (Conscious Life News). The earth is an eco-system and so is each human being. "Sereda also pointed out that the human body has an electromagnetic field that can be affected by activity on the sun, as well as energies coming from the galactic center, as the Earth moves through it. Fields of energy have either chaos or harmonic information inside of it. According ot Sereda, if these energy fields that are coming in from the galactic center contain harmonic information, then there is absolutely no doubt that you can scientifically prove that it is causing a consciousness shift on this planet and will continue to do so through 2012."(Conscious Life News)

"One of the theories of 2012 is that we are going to receive this new energy that will cause a shift in consciousness and it will affect everything on the planet – including the planet itself. Bruce Lipton (Biologist and author of Biology of Belief) has said that consciousness tells energy to tell the DNA what to do. Your genes are not your blueprint. Consciousness is your blueprint. Therefore, it is likely that along with a shift in consciousness, our DNA will be upgraded. A worldwide consciousness expansion is happening now and will continue through 2012, which is now confirmed by science and the events that are currently unfolding around the world."(Conscious Life News)

You are an expression of the divine

Published on: Nov 30, 2012

You are an expression of the divine, let your light shine, it is the light of the divine shining through you and with you. At this time, much high frequency energy is coming to this planet, into your energy field, waking you up, waking up your cells, your nervous system and all of your sensory organs. Your body is changing, you are more sensitive, things that didn't used to bother you, cause you discomfort. You have a sense that it is something intangible, it's energy. It cannot be diagnosed. Be in your body, prepare it to be pure, a sanctuary for the divine, a pure and clean vessel to love and light. Let go....move your body....lovingly care for in is the here now.

Willow Tucker

Be in your Heart

Published on: Nov 29, 2012

Great Article! A new article by Barbara Marx Hubbard is on
SERI's Focus Area 'Unconscious Mind':


Published on: Nov 27, 2012

Earth as John Muir saw it

Published on: Nov 18, 2012

When we contemplate the whole globe as one great dewdrop,
striped and dotted with continents and islands,
flying through space with other stars
all singing and shining together as one,
the whole universe appears as an infinite storm of beauty.
- John Muir

Are your emotions erratically changing like the weather?

Published on: Nov 14, 2012

Are your emotions erratically changing like the weather? Have your relationships been turbulent and stormy? We have a deep connection to our Mother Earth.  As a mother I have witnessed that my mood and emotions completely effect my kids.  Does the weather effect your mood?

The day is gray and still.  This feels like the stillness brought by the eclipse giving a moment to catch our breath and breathe into a reset. Leave the past behind, drop habits, beliefs (habitual thoughts) and past hurts.

Now is now.  Live in it, this very moment and see how the winds of change have shifted you and how the eclipse has reset you in a blissful still point.

Today!  New Super Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

Published on: Nov 13, 2012

November has been forecasted as highly turbulent and transformational with some energies showing up as eruptive (think relationship interaction or explosions of personal growth within).

Within the still moment we receive today with the eclipse, we can take a breath and reflect on the massive amount of clearing and healing we have done in the past few months.  Old agendas, beliefs and illnesses have reappeared to be healed, evaluated and shifted.  Our faith has been tested over and over and we have been reminded again and again to stay neutral, out of reaction and in a grounded centered place of response.

Astrologically there is so much movement of planets and at the same time this sense of looking back or going back because of retrogrades...whew!

Time to let go of the old programs, beliefs, lies, stories, hurts and wounds.  They will not feed your need to step into your personal power, its all in the past, let it stay there.

Open your heart, to yourself first. Love yourself so you can be who you are.  Let others see you and feel you with your heart open and spread love everywhere you go.

Be Well,

Willow Tucker

For more incredible information about this month and the eclipse click below.

Heart Research

Published on: Nov 11, 2012

Follow Your Heart

by Rebecca Cherry

"Recently, Neurophysicists have been astonished to discover that the Heart is more an organ of intelligence, than (merely) the bodies' main pumping station. More than half of the Heart is actually composed of neurons of the very same nature as those that make up the cerebral system. Joseph Chilton-Pearce, author of The Biology of Transcendence, calls it "the major biological apparatus within us and the seat of our greatest intelligence."

The Heart is also the source of the body's strongest electromagnetic field. Each heart cell is unique in that it not only pulsates in synchrony with all the other heart cells, but also produces an electromagnetic signal that radiates out beyond the cell. An EEG that measures brain waves shows that the electromagnetic signals from the heart are so much stronger than brain waves, that a reading of the heart's frequency spectrum can be taken from three feet away from the body...without placing electrodes on it!

The Heart's electromagnetic frequency arcs out from the Heart and back in the form of a torus field. The axis of this Heart torus extends from the pelvic floor to the top of the skull, and the whole field is holographic, meaning that information about it can be read from each and every point in the torus.

The Hearts' torus electromagnetic field is not the only source that emits this type of electromagnetic field. Every atom emits the same torus field. The Earth is also at the center of a torus, so is the solar system and even our galaxy...and all are holographic. Scientists believe there is a good possibility that there is only one universal torus encompassing an infinite number of interacting, holographic tori within its spectrum. Because electromagnetic torus fields are holographic, it is more than likely that the sum total of our Universe is present within the frequency spectrum of a single torus.

This means that each one of us is connected to the entire Universe and as such, can access all the information within it at any given moment. When we get quiet and access what we hold in our Hearts, we are literally connecting to the limitless supply and Wisdom of the Universe, thereby enabling what we perceive as "miracles" to enter into our lives.

When we disconnect and shut down the Heart's innate wisdom of Love-based thinking, the ego-based intellect takes over and operates independently of the Heart, and we revert to a survival mentality based on fear, greed, power, and control. In this way, we come to believe that we are separate, our perception of life shifts into one of limitation and scarcity, and one in which we must fight in order to survive. This amazing organ, that we often time ignore, neglect and build walls around, is where we can find our strength, our faith, our courage and our compassion, enabling our higher emotional intelligence that can, if we allow it, guide us through our lives.

We switch the gears out of the fear-based mental state that we have been taught to believe in, and move into Heart Centered living. For this transformation to take place, meditate, "go into your Heart" and access the inner wisdom of the Universe. As each one of us begins this quiet revolution of living from the Heart, we will begin to see it reflected in our lives and in our World. This is how each one of us will create change in the world, create Peace, create Harmony and Balance, and in this way, will we all create the New World Paradigm of Heaven on Earth."

Heart Full

Published on: Nov 9, 2012

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.  ~Thornton Wilder


Published on: Nov 9, 2012

This Season's Children

Published on: Nov 8, 2012

This Season’s Children

A new awareness crackles behind the eyes of children…A new generation of little flowers rises through the melting snows of former centuries.  They lift their heads now, like crocuses, tulips, daffodils, blooming to speak to their elders of a better way.

Be gentle with them, these literal flowers of your love.  Do not crush them beneath the ceilings of windowless schools that bury them in facts they cannot understand without the natural light of spirit.  Let me move beyond the established corridors of historical ways, into the sunlight and open air of new meaning and new experience.  Use your centers of learning, your school systems, to assist them in doing what no human generation has ever before done: Help them to blossom into all they can be—sure of themselves, confident in the wisdom, the life that lives within them.

Give your children the tools of your cultures as you would give paint and canvas to an artist.  But do not tell them what to draw.  Help them learn to express themselves in terms meaningful to them and to those in the world around them.  Offer them skills to help express themselves more fully. The self this generation expresses in uninhibited creativity is the Great Self, which seeks birth into your world.  As you help your children to better express themselves, do not make them feel that they are incomplete without your training, that they are partial beings in need of years of academic processing to be whole or satisfied with themselves…but preserve their inherent confidence in themselves, for this is how they show their confidence in God.

A child’s level of confidence is a major factor in determining his or her future success. The preservation of a child’s native esteem is far more important that the acquisition of technical skills.  Many of these little ones have not forgotten the Great Being who shines through the filter of their individuality. Your role is to help them grow in such a way that they do not forget. Assist in the incarnation of the eternal spirits who dance above their lives.

When you first see their beauty and perfection, when you affirm their eternal reality of being, when you see it in their eyes, you cannot help but draw it forth. Bring out the best in them and in all whom you encounter…Help this new generation to awaken.


Ken Carey

Use your blessings....

Published on: Nov 7, 2012

Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving.  ~W.T. Purkiser

This picture was taken a couple of days, using our blessings!!

Reaction vs. Response

Published on: Nov 6, 2012

My experience working during this time has been on the first wave of people speaking to me I am able to stay out of reaction and be present in response.  Where I have been getting nailed is when someone is in a state of reaction to me I am getting sucked into the reactionary energy and reacting back instead of being centered and staying in response.  What is the difference?  I am more grounded and centered when it is a first wave relationship interaction, but the second wave comes on a wave of energy that the first doesn't have.  When the first wave comes, I can withstand the force of the turbulent water but when the second more powerful wave comes with an unstable energy it knocks my feet right out from under me and I am down under the water and in reaction.  What has saved me?  I am realizing fairly quickly, sometimes even just minutes after my reaction what happened and can come back to response and discuss this with whoever the conversation was with.  Each time, I am catching myself sooner and sooner.  It all begins with awareness.  Next I am asking that I can start that awareness when the other party is in reaction and quickly ground and center and reach for a response instead of an instant reaction.

These 2 scenarios look and feel differently to the naked eye and when seeing/feeling it happen energetically.  A reactionary exchange looks like energy being flung back and forth between the people, even with sharp edges, it feels like that too.  Have you ever felt that someones words hit you with an impact you could actually feel in your body?  They do, because everything is energy, especially our words we can feel it.  A response and a reaction between two people would look like one person throwing energy at the other person and it just is neutralized and melts away off the person who is grounded and centered, having great boundaries around their energy body.  Their response is gentle, loving and even kind or very pragmatic and matter of fact without being demeaning or mean spirited and just gently makes its way to the other person either relaxing them or enraging them further because they cannot impact the grounded person.

There are some excellent illustrations of this in Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan and also in the movie Celestine Prophecy that really give a wonderful visual.

There was also a great post by Power Path on Reaction in the month of September

Be grounded, loving and neutral.

Be Well!

The Attitude of Gratitude

Published on: Nov 6, 2012

Gratitude is the best attitude.  ~Author Unknown

Grateful for each new morning

Published on: Nov 5, 2012

For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Grateful each day....

Published on: Nov 4, 2012

As each day comes to us refreshed and anew, so does my gratitude renew itself daily.  The breaking of the sun over the horizon is my grateful heart dawning upon a blessed world.  ~Terri Guillemets

Gratitude as Art

Published on: Nov 3, 2012

Gratitude is an art of painting an adversity into a lovely picture. ~Kak Sri

Gratitude Poem

Published on: Nov 2, 2012

Prayer for the Great Family by Gary Synder

Gratitude to Mother Earth, sailing through night and day–and to her soil: rich, rare, and sweet

in our minds so be it.

Gratitude to Plants, the sun-facing light-changing leaf/and fine root-hairs; standing still through wind/and rain; their dance is in the flowing spiral grain

in our minds so be it.

Gratitude to Air, bearing the soaring Swift and the silent/Owl at dawn. Breath of our song
clear spirit breeze

in our minds so be it.

Gratitude to Wild Beings, our brothers, teaching secrets,/freedoms and ways; who share with us their milk;/self-complete, brave, and aware

in our minds so be it.

Gratitude to Water: clouds, lakes, rivers, glaciers;/holding or releasing; streaming through all/our bodies salty seas

in our minds so be it.

Gratitude to the Sun: blinding pulsing light through/trunks of trees, through mists, warming caves where/bears and snakes sleep–he who wakes us–

in our minds so be it.

Gratitude to the Great Sky
who holds billions of stars–and goes yet beyond that–/beyond all powers, and thoughts
and yet is within us–/Grandfather Space.
The Mind is his Wife

so be it.
~Gary Snyder

Happiness and Perspective

Published on: Oct 1, 2012

"Happiness is your nature.  It is not wrong to desire it.  What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside."  Ramana Maharshi

Vortex of Mist on the Lake

Published on: Sep 27, 2012

This morning I took to my little lake after my cup of tea, I got on my paddle board with my pup Bruno.  It has been beautiful this week in the mornings, there has been a very magical mist that rises up off the water and I love to paddle around watching it shift and move before my eyes.  I was just about to come back to the dock and in a very meditative state when suddenly in front of me the mist took on the shape of a vortex.  This startled me completely and hasn't left my thoughts all day.

A vortex is a swirling mass of water, air or fire.  Examples would be whirlpools, tornadoes, black holes and chakras.  A chakra is a vortex of energy that is part of the body energetics.  It is also defined as "something regarded as drawing into its powerful current everything that surrounds it"  How might we be drawn into a vortex in our daily life?  Into a drama vortex?  How do we avoid being pulled into a powerful current that we want to avoid?  You stay clear of it!  You don't drive your car toward a tornado, you stay out of its path.  That is protecting your boundary by staying out of the powerful energy field or vortex.  People sometimes speak to me that they get pulled into situations or conversations with other people that drains them of time and energy.  Imagine how a tornado leaves a path of destruction behind when it rips and tears at the earth and takes what it will into the heart of its vortex.  We need to remember we let ourselves be swept into it by not securing our boundaries and distancing ourselves.

On a positive note, we want our chakras operating well, spinning the way they should and moving energy constantly to be healthy, we can feel or sense this if we tune into it.  We can connect with other peoples chakras and add something vital and life enhancing, we can be pulled up into a higher vibration by being exposed to another persons frequency and we can connect on a deeply spiritual and energetic level by consciously moving energy from our chakras to anothers....this is done in the practice of tantra.

So what was that little vortex of mist trying to show me?  Since, I have just been revisiting chakra readings and boundaries I feel I have been provided a lesson in both!

Balance, Boundaries and Action

Published on: Sep 25, 2012

While we were dealing with the energy of Reaction/Action and continually bringing ourselves back to base or our core of truth and out of reaction, we also have been dealing with some heavy and very healing doses of working with boundaries. These showed up in at least one energy wave with parents.  The ripple effect of our relationship with parents goes out into relationships with bosses, friends and lovers.  We are always recreating our original wound from a parent or past life with new relationships to heal the wound and empower and love ourselves more.  Along with these very emotional issues I have seen a multitude of physical issues.  Many involving the skin, either in a rash, bites?, burning, tingling, stabbing, neuralgia, as well as old aches and pains that seem to be the past resurfacing. Sound familiar? As we try and re-live our original emotional wounds in current time to heal them, so is old physical pain being brought up to uncover the energetic and emotional origins and heal it.  From my experience with clients, friends and family over this past month, the doctors haven't got a clue, as with most ascension related symptoms.  We resist these painful physical states, and what we resist persists.  I am often asked about the physical states and what needs to be physically done, but what I "get" intuitively is mostly that an energetic or emotional issue needs to be healed.  Remember nothing physical manifests without being pure energy first. Energy is the blue print, so it makes sense to go back to that foundation to heal anything physical.  Even Dr. Oz would agree!!  "We're beginning now to understand things that we know in our hearts are true but we could never measure. As we get better at understanding how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine. It's not the mechanistic part of the joints moving. It's not the chemistry of our body. It's understanding for the first time how energy influences how we feel." Dr. Oz.

A bit more about boundaries.  If you are angry and resentful at someone because they have violated your boundaries or are energy vampires here is what you can do;  Stand in your power, no one can do anything to you, it is always your choice to give your time and energy away, that is YOUR boundary.  Seal your energy field, maintain your energy field and keep it clean of unwanted energies and full of light and power.  For a free energy sealing meditation go to and sign up for my newsletter.  Keeping ourselves, clean, clear, full of light and power is the most healing thing we can do for ourselves and for others.  By harmonic resonance others will feel your uplifting energy and themselves could be uplifted by it, if that is what they choose.  During this time of reaction/action (which is from the fabulous Power Path monthly update which can be found at we may find that relationships and people fall away or move into the background.  If we are not in reaction, it all just feels natural like the way a river flows and breaks into streams.  We all just have our own business and purpose to attend to and if we are in our truth and power we will know that we have to be focused and centered on that to thrive.  If we are reaction, these endings could be really dramatic or if the other party is in reaction.  There could be a sudden deep healing in the relationship or an end.  Or an end to the way that relationship operated and a new beautiful relationship with the same person.  The choice is yours.  What will you choose?  Happiness is an inside job.

Be Well,

Willow Tucker

Hold Your Own...Frequency That Is

Published on: Jul 14, 2012

Energy Signatures

Published on: Jul 11, 2012

As often happens, synchronicity delivered this article to me and due to the similarity and resonance to yesterday's post I thought I would share it!!

Warriors of the Light
by Clare Evans

“…surrender is not giving up, it is allowing the natural flow of your life, your energy, your being to take its natural course...”

The topic for today is conscience, consciousness and consistency. Never, in the lifespan of humankind have these three things been so important. Awakening is beginning now.

Evolving eternal movement and progression - stars are aligning, planets juxtaposing, souls enlightening, it is time.

A shift in consciousness is now upon us, we all feel it in some way, big or small, a niggle in the back of our minds, or a wallop of change and experience, it is different for all of us, and felt very much in the spirit worlds as well as around the Universe. Earth’s actions do not just affect Mother Earth, and humankind are far from alone in their endeavours, be they ‘good’ or ‘bad’. So consciousness is required here, the ability to be aware of our actions and the greater consequences.

Awareness of life, of our ability to change events, how our actions affect the worlds, not just ourselves.

The old protest of ‘how can one person make a difference’ or ‘what does it matter if I do this one little thing, whom can it hurt’ no longer apply – every action affects the whole, and we are feeling this daily as our connections expand.

So consciousness, an awakening consciousness is called for, for all people, and those around us. It is time to live up to what our conscience desires, man needs to act, fairly and in good time, to adjust his own life and better that of those around him. In so doing, the whole of humanity will progress at an accelerated rate, lighter and with more love and understanding.

By this I mean that as our aspirations grow spiritually, our load is lightened, as is our energy signature, our whole ‘imprint’ in the universe is raised in vibration, and our abilities spiritually will grow and grow.

We are becoming what we once were, enlightened beings, with the power to do good, to love, to heal, to share, to promise, to reward, to grow, to evolve, to Be, in love and honesty and grace, to look after this world, in faith; harmoniously and in love. Once a battlefield, Mother Earth will once more become a playing field - a place of laughter and growth, of fun and frolics, of learning and sharing. And how to do this?

Honesty, with self, an abundance of love for others, an ability to see beyond the now, the Me, the everyday worries and concerns, and to trust in surrender, that everything will be right. This sounds unlikely, I know, but surrender is not giving up, it is allowing the natural flow of your life, your energy, your being to take its natural course.

To find its way in this world, to lead you where you wanted to go, to take you on your path, to meet those people you are destined to meet, in other words, to surrender to the flow of your nature, in harmony with your very own energy, is to stop fighting for your conception of the world, and to start living in it, to relax and have the easy life, to say ‘okay – I will listen, I will learn, I will follow my instincts.

I will take a leap of faith, I will journey along life’s highway not knowing where it will take me, but knowing that the direction is true, the course steady, and it is all that I have asked for and desired before I came to this world, all I wanted for my own progression and development, all I needed to improve as a person, to become whole, to evolve with and as part of humanity.

This life is a very special one for I chose it in a time of great change upon this earth, a time of strife, and hardship and pain, and it has not been easy, but now I know that it is for good reason, just cause’. And feel the burdens fall away, the shoulders relax, the footsteps become easier, yet somehow more connected to the earth, the steps surer, the way clearer, and know, know, that this is what faith is – trust yourself, your inner guidance, your very own energy signature.

You know when this is in balance, you know when you are totally attuned to the universe - when you sit in perfect stillness, yet alive with every cell.

Sit now and feel – it is one thing to be aware of yourself in the universe, but can you find that signature, that particular tune that is your song, that wave that is yours, resonating throughout the Universe, throughout dimensions. Find yourself and harmonise with this vibration.

To be conscious of this, to be attuned to this, to your very Self in all its essence is to find the way forward, balanced and open for answers, for experience, for growth, for change. If we all knew ourselves in this way, what a rapid speeding up in evolution there would be, and so much better communication, with each other, with us in the spirit world, with beings all over the universe.

To truly know your own energy signature, is to more easily recognise that of others, to connect automatically, particly, to see, feel, hear your signature, perhaps a colour, or a note, or just an energy, and to then become aware of the others around you, and to build deeper more meaningful connections on a truly harmonious soul level.

It is written in the stars, so the saying goes, now expand your mind cosmically, understand that you and Mother Earth are all just tiny particles in the Universe, just frequencies with space in between, instances of light that can blend and mix with other light, to know, to become fuller, more knowledgeable, more expanded in mind and spirit – now is the time for cosmic knowledge, ancient timeless knowledge, for what is time outside the boundaries of space, everything that is and ever was is reachable now by this method of expansion – all the old skills; travel beyond the stars, inconceivable knowledge of other planets, other dimensions, the old ways, the ancient ways from before man ever walked the earth, and yet spirit was alive. Remember, and connect.

Consciousness takes on a whole new meaning in this light, and here plays the part of conscience, of that inner feeling of what is right and wrong, what is a good thing to do and what is not, what you really shouldn’t have done, and what you lament having missed.

Here is the time to try, for the evolvement of mankind, to try to really Be in this world, to understand the energy of every action, the consequences. And the more you tune in to your energy signature, to the universe, to your guides, guardians, ancestors and helper friends, the more finely attuned your conscience will become, you will, in fact, begin to predict the consequences of actions, or words, or glances, in all their subtlety, before the action has been performed – not on the usual level of a debate in the mind, but as a split second feeling, a knowing, an argument with Self that has been finished before it has begun, you will just know if a course of action, or expression of words is in tune with your signature, if it is really, truly, who you are and what you think, or whether it is ego talking, self-interest, manipulation, or greed.

Not that these things don’t have their place, there is reason for all, but to be conscious of your conscience on an elevated level, more finely attuned, where the topics of debate are more subtle, have more consequences, even things that you cannot predict, or are unaware of, but know, surely and soundly, that a particular phrase or action from yourself is the right one – something that on ground level would have no answer, you just ‘felt’ it to be right.

This is what this tuning in is all about – about actions and words that are in keeping with your signature, your own balance, your own harmony, this is a new and improved level of being in balance, of being true to your true self, and yet at the same time learning who this Self is, to naturally allow it to flow, and in so doing progress you on your path – surrender is merely to open the door to the true self, to allow your full spirit to work through you, in conjunction with others that you have chosen. And in this way, man evolves.

Consistency is also a factor here. You cannot pick and chose when to listen to yourself and when not to – to do this is to send your soul on a roller coaster ride, at one point up, then down, then all around – this is not harmony, it merely touches it at a middle point!

A whole evolvement of character is called for here, and no, it is not an easy path, yet must be walked to be transformed. You can do it, you know this deep inside, you would not be stood here contemplating it if you could not, you would not have come here and met with this challenge on this earth, at this time, if it was not what you knew you could do.

There is a duty here, a responsibility, for those who can, to do! And like the first creatures crawling out of the sea lead the way for evolution into man (and so many other species), so it is now our turn to lead the way into a new world, to light the way, to act as example, to show, to teach, to learn from others, and for you to put out your hand and help others up, as we try so often to do for you.

They will come once the way is lit, humanity is desperate for evolution, and though many will fall by the wayside, the true of heart will lead the others through.

I do not mean by this that there is some Valhalla on the other side, I am not speaking of spaceships and absolution and white light, of the rescued few forming another race, of the favoured becoming saints, of cults being right all along – of course not (though within each of these subjects there are tiny elements of truth and history, each with their own fascinating lessons - for another day!)

I’m speaking of an adjustment of perspective, of shifts in energy, of an awakening of different parts of the brain, an acknowledgement of eternal being, of mans place within the universe, an awakening of skill, of telepathy, of travel, inter-dimensionally.

A new era for humankind that is lighter, more giving, more in tune with all life, where people know themselves, know why they came here, and are truly in tune with that which makes them tick.

This world can put an end to war, can help revive the planet, can heal with ‘miracles’ that suddenly seem so simple, we once were Warriors of the Light, it is now time to pick up that mantle yet again, and to rise with the growing consciousness of Mother Earth, to harmonise with her shifts and changes, with the shifts and changes occurring in the Universe, to be as one – our own signature, yet uniquely connected to everyone and everything.

The new world is a new consciousness, a new way of viewing, of being, of loving, of healing – and it is for everyone. This is not a time for preaching (was there ever a time?), for lofting your views, for talking airy fairy ‘psychic’ magic – we all have the ability, we always have, we always will, the difference is that now the energies are right for us all to grow – and our job (our being anyone reading this for you have found your way here), our job is to assist by first looking at our selves, by harmonising to who we truly are, and by doing that finding our own path, our own attunement and balance - not in moments of workshop, or trance, or candlelit sage wafted meditation (I speak to my own medium here), but in everyday life, in being attuned at every moment – an awareness.

As consciousness expands you will know your own energy so well that the old issues of ‘open and closed’ and ‘protection’ will become less and less relevant, you will naturally be a shining light, and in true harmony, nothing can penetrate that – nevertheless you will be aware, at even the distance approach of harm, from whatever dimension, and able much more quickly to dispatch/heal/or send it on before it comes half as close as was previously possible.

So it all begins with Self, your awareness, your consciousness. And then your conscience, that tuning in so as every move is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ by feeling, knowing, instinct - you don’t know why something is right, you just know, in your gut, and this is your truth.

Inspire others, not formally, not loudly, not in headlines (although this works too!), but by your very nature, your Being in the world, your consistent honouring of your truth.

And this is the final step - consistency, it is not always easy, and we all make mistakes, even in the spirit world!

But try to be true, and if you find yourself out of kilter, then realign yourself, find that harmony once more, draw energy from that place of balance, from the universe itself, and let any mistake go, do not dwell on it, but move on, and regain the calm, the true, the You.

This is how the Shift will work, this is what 2012 is all about. The shifts are planetary, for Mother Earth it has already begun, for those of you who tune into her energy, you are already noticing the differences, indeed it would be hard to miss them.

We are all feeling the effects in some way, life is not easy for anyone right now, but if you tune in and find your flow you will no longer be fighting against the tide. The current, your current, will take you on your journey through the universal sea of consciousness, to the next level, the next place, and that journey is what you came here to do.

It is no accident that we are shifting at the same time as Mother Earth - it is called for, it is necessary, for us all to live in harmony, connected - and who knows what the future holds, what boundaries there will be if any, the scope for transformation is unlimited, the possibilities for humankind manifold.

So encourage, explain, be subtle, be honest, be true and explain your truth to others, they do not have to agree, but perhaps a spark of what you say will ring true for them and set them off to find their own signature, their own harmony, perhaps subconsciously - you may never know the effect you will have, but by being conscious, by making friends with conscience, and by being consistent, you will have done all you can for your own development, expansion, and future, as well of that of humankind.

And on that note, be well my friends, be love, be laughter, and be Self, the time is now, the light is in your hands, Shine.

Your Core Frequency

Published on: Jul 10, 2012

We are all beings made of energy waves and we are affected by all other energy waves in our environment. However, we are not just a leaf blowing upon the wind. We can develop our own strong spiritual core frequency that radiates out from within us. This frequency will create a resonance that attracts similar resonance. So if you are radiating out from your core the resonance of compassion, gratitude and love that resonance will impact others around you and may create a change in their behavior back to you. Conversely, if negativity, fear, judgement come at you from others you have a choice to allow that frequency to change your own and engage in fear or hold you core frequency strong and recognize the frequency coming toward you and choose to send back your own resonance of compassion, gratitude and love. What does this look like in everyday life? In the purchase of our dream home we had this lesson presented to us. We were about 3 weeks into escrow and things were very fishy. Something kept resonating as false. We found out that both the sellers and their agent never disclosed that the house had been sold at auction by their bank before we even opened escrow. My initial reaction was anger, feelings of betrayal and more. For a day or so, I felt I should pursue legal actions as fraud had been committed. Prior to that, I had been in deep compassion and connection with the owners of the house. I woke up one morning tired of feeling angry and still feeling as if the house would be mine, was mine. I did a meditation and tapped into once again deep, deep compassion for these people who were acting out of fear. When I was done, I posted this comment on facebook We found out a couple of days ago that the sweet family that was selling us their home and were grieving its loss due to default did not tell us or offer full disclosure. The house was not even theirs to sell as it was sold at auction before we even submitted our offer. We are technically still in escrow and the listing has not even been removed from the MLS. What they and their agent did was fraud. I offer them unconditional forgiveness and love and know that I am fully protected in my path. Each step I have taken has been with love and compassion and that will not stop, I will not stop offering that compassion to them even though their actions and choices have impacted me. AND SO IT IS and then called the owners and expressed compassion and wished them peace on their way. Then I proceeded to call the broker and do the same. In the next couple of days my amazing friend and agent discovered who had purchased the home at auction. In my deep compassion and surrender to what is, I spoke with the new broker who represented the new owner and to my delight discovered that the investor purchased homes and flipped them but was a philanthropist and donated all the money to charity. This man may consider selling me the house he lived his life from a place of compassion for others. I was so grateful for the opportunity to still have our dream home, our spirit house. I wrote a letter and included pictures of my family, drawings that we had made of the house and expressed my compassion for others and asked to be treated with compassion and charity in return. In what I found out later was a rare emotional decision for the investor, they accepted our offer and we opened a new escrow on our spirit house. This process has been and still is a huge lesson in surrender, compassion and making choices based in love. It has taught me to recognize when I am beginning to engage in an energy frequency that does not serve me, it has shown others that I operate my life not by the book written by fear and money but by love, dreams and compassion. We have a choice every moment, love or fear. Choose love.

Here is some great information from
The World of Forces

All of us are exposed and subjected to the World of Forces, existing within a constant interaction between a multitude of energies, forces, and entities, which further impact an action and reaction in every area of our lives. There are no coincidences and nothing is random. Every manifestation or event has had an effect which proceeds directly from a cause. There are natural laws in the mechanics of creation which govern these many forces, some of which current science has identified. The laws of magnetism, gravity, electrical orientation, and the basic manifested elements of atomic structure, as defined from this 3rd dimensional reality perspective, are to name a few. In physics, a force is defined as any influence that causes an object to undergo a certain change, either concerning its movement, direction, or geometrical construction.

However, the majority of these forces, such as extra-dimensional forces, along with the human comprehension of how these forces actually work, still remain unknown in their impact and hidden from the general public. During the end cycle of 2012 and beyond, our planet and humanity will be vastly exposed to many more extra-dimensional forces, which can be experienced from a point of great fear, or great love. Ignoring these forces, like ignoring the presence of darkness, allows your body to be a portal for the use of these forces. People are being used unconsciously as vessels for directing these various forces, especially, when they are extremely attached to an identity of ego. The more we fight to assert our identity as an ego, the more easily we can be controlled and possessed by an outside or extra-dimensional force. At this time this phenomena is increasing in numbers and becoming heavily amplified within the world population. Not until you are aware of your own inner energies and take responsibility for them, can you choose what energies you are directing as a force. Every person is a force of nature, and is capable of great harm, or greater good. What are you going to choose? How do you want to influence the World of Forces? Understanding these forces better, making informed choices, learning how to be transparent, will allow for a smoother transition, when exposed to these powerful forces.

Life Force

To intuitively begin to understand these forces, one should reflect on the Universe, the planets, the solar system, the earth, as it is clear that all bodies are directed and influenced by life force and a great many other energies. When paying attention to the natural movement of these “stellar” bodies, such as our solar system, it is clear there is an order inherent as a pattern within the Universe. Everything exists within some state of relative energetic balance in relationship to all of its parts. In a living organism, such as when a human body interacts with these various forces, there is an immediate action or reaction that changes the state and vibration of that organism. When a person begins to be willing to comprehend their place within these forces, once can greatly understand their own life force and the influence of its inner energies. When one meets the inner self, it becomes possible to accurately express that personal energy signature to the external world harmoniously.

The energy of life, the life force, is what makes the difference between a dead and a living body. There is no external source that animates the living human body, therefore, the body has to be animated by an internal force.

Life force is the source of creation in all things, from a person, a planet, and within the larger cosmic structure. The internal life force is the nature of the soul, the nature of the God Source. When the energy of life gets out of balance, or is disturbed from its natural movement, sooner or later, there is a consequence. Disconnection and fragmentation of the real self, the soul, is the first stage of disturbance. Later stages develop into disease, deterioration, insanity and death, as the result of chronic disturbances. This may apply to a person, place or thing, whether animate or inanimate. Inanimate objects, such as an organization or community, are also created with an individual or group directing their ‘life force”. When that object is loved or cared for, it is continually charged with the quality of that life force, which brings the quality and the sphere of influence with its manifestation.

Increasing Life Force through Resonance

Learning how to increase your life force by returning to inner balance, while being exposed to these many external forces, is crucial during this time. (When you are out of balance your life force is weakened, and one will feel cranky, constricted, frustrated, ill, and lack endurance and tolerance for others) As we pay attention to what forces we resonate with over others, we are empowered to move towards the energies where we feel a positive response to those forces. This increases your life force via resonance, strengthening your overall multidimensional energetic body. Personal energetic resonance increases life force, dissonance decreases life force.

Our life force will react to adjust on every stimulus or force that it is being exposed to within the body, mind, emotions or spirit. If the force of stimulus is stronger than the inner life force present, the bodies are forced to adjust in a way where a consequence of that force is perceived or experienced. If the force of stimulus is dissonant the consequence of that force can range from mildly unpleasant to excruciatingly painful. Depending on the inner spiritual core development, will be the relative reaction or response that the impact of these forces will have upon your body, mind, emotions or spirit. If the mind is weak, unfocused and undisciplined, these forces will pack a punch to your emotional body, weakening your life force. Nothing is more powerful than the development of your inner spiritual source and its life force energy. As this motivates one to develop their spiritual body through ego discipline, this increases inner energetic strength, which repels these external and extra-dimensional forces from knocking you around. This is what it means to have a strong spiritual and inner core.

The impact of these forces upon your energetic body and how they resonate with the frequency of your being is called, the “Law of Resonance“.

Through the laws of physics, science confirms energy and matter interplay in massive electro-dynamic fields that are measurable in terms of waveforms, frequency, wavelengths and amplitude. The same fields and substances that move throughout the Cosmos, move through our own bodies. Everything in the Cosmos vibrates at its own frequency, which makes it clear that every substance and body also vibrates at its own specific frequency.

It is important to realize that every substance, body and being vibrates to its own frequency and that vibration will be amplified tremendously when stimulated by a similar or compatible resonant frequency. Resonating to the forces of “life”, forces of goodness, forces of gratitude, forces of love, will amplify these resonances and strengthen your body dramatically. Resonating through ego to the forces of fear, rage, frustration and resistance (to what “is”), will also amplify those disturbances in your body greatly.

The more balanced your frequency and strengthened your life force, you will be aware of these forces, however, the body will not resonate, therefore, not unconsciously reacting to these external forces by feeding them and making them stronger. This allows one to have the choice of interaction by directing those “resonant” energies towards you or “dissonant” energies away from you. As you gain consciousness from consistent spiritual development, greater skill and immediate awareness is present to resonating or dissonant energetic forces, forms, or entities. Harmful energies will be more repelled from your body, (or easily directed away from you even if they are present in the environment) while positive life force will amplify its resonance to support your body. 

Venus Transit

Published on: Jun 6, 2012

There is a wealth of wonderful information out there on the Venus transit.  Live web cams, articles, breaking down the math and sacred geometry and more.  But I just loved this that my friend Audrey sent me and wanted to share it.  It especially resonated with me because yesterday my daughter Madison brought up the need to bring into physically and manifest a new educational paradigm and curriculum.  Her vision is that all the ages of kids in our group from 5-13 and even the highschoolers will learn the same content but at their own level.  I was also asked to provide a broad strokes of addressing the Venus Transit and break it down into subject categories like science, art, music, math and language arts.  I decided that this was in large part Madison's life path and so as I sat down to accomplish this task and called upon her to collaborate with me.  Some highlights of the conversation were, "Mom! you are so inside of the box, that won't work! Madison then proceeded to create a rhythm, structure or schedule for the day that was in the shape of a circle!!

Here is the yummy info I devoured this morning!  Thanks Audrey!

*Venus Transit* The Return of the Feminine


“…While you can be sure the Venus transit will deliver your destiny to you, it’s a good idea to keep your channel as clear as you can.  All transmissions to the universe carry more potent impact now.  Set deliberate intention.  Stay conscious and focused.  What do you want for yourself?  AFFIRM it.  The rise of the solar feminine offers you an exceptional opportunity to bear witness to your creative potential, to demonstrate yourself as the divine co-creator you are and have always been.”

This is considered a rare astronomical event because we only experience a Venus Transit every 121.5 or so years. One of the many magical things about this is that the path that Venus takes between the first transit and the second (8 years) makes a perfect five pointed star (pentagram).

The symbolism of this and the spiritual significance of Venus, which has represented love and harmony for numerous cultures, is abundant. This Venus Transit was a highly anticipated cosmic event by the Ancient Maya who saw this as a mark point in time that would herald the great shift leading up to 12-21-12.

So what does this all mean for us?

We are entering a new era, the Divine Feminine is rising, coming forth within each one of us to heal and  bring into right balance and right relation our planetary family. We are moving into HEART-based living! Feminine qualities (venus, moon) are going to transcend into wholeness and integration those of the masculine (the sun).  The Feminine is rising and coming into the forefront to bring unity consciousness forth. Can’t you see it and feel it? There are signs everywhere.

So here is the gathered gems from some of the best readers of the stars to inform and illuminate us during these cosmic events:

First, a fantastic article from Rose Marcus and her Astrolink website. First a technical description of what it is and then we will get the details about what the significance is:

“The Venus/Earth orbital 3/2 ratio replicates the perfect symmetry we know as the Golden Mean. The 2/3 ratio of a Venus day to an Earth year replicates the harmonic interval known as the perfect musical fifth (3.2), which is considered as the most universally harmonic consonant. This frequency is received as most pleasing sound to the ear, and evokes a pleasing/welcoming emotional response…”

“Over an eight year period, the retrograde cycles of Venus around the sun forms the shape of the pentagram, the five pointed star. The measurement between each retrograde peak is a 72 degree mathematical aspect called the Quintile. To astrologers, the quintile’s influence is one of creative transformation, which is exactly the meaning that has been projected onto December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar. Please remember that the Mayan Calendar was based on Venus cycles.”

“Many consider the momentous Venus in Gemini transit in June, 2012 as a key marker of a new 2600 year cycle of humanity.  This Earth/Venus/Sun alignment has been suggested to symbolize the re-activation of the Solar Feminine.”

“What does that mean? In short, it suggests the energizing of the feminine creator in her one-ness or all-ness. The solarised feminine creator is all encompassing.”

“Just as woman gives birth to both genders, the rise of the solar feminine creator suggests a rebirth of the consciousness of our whole selves. Together in unison, yin and yang are transitioning into a major realignment chapter. Gemini correlates to blended diversity. True androgyny is the highest state of spiritual evolution.”

“We are leaving behind the polarization that has been built over this last cycle, the age of the patriarchy. In this last chapter of collective evolution, we have come to create existing reality and our understanding of god consciousness as one over the other, rather than one with the other. We have separated ourselves from Gaia, from one another, from ourselves. We have created a reality of superiority and inferiority rather than one of co-creative, equality existence.”

“We are coming to the end of reality as it is, but as we do, there comes one last blast from the past. The finish of the previous cycle and the seeding of a new one are overlapping. As we observe what is manifesting throughout our contemporary reality, it is obvious that the creative juice of the old paradigm has not quite reached its saturation point. It is still building. Eventually the momentum will reach a tipping point, collapse in on itself and necessitate the transformation we are ready for….”

“Venus correlates to the principle of relatedness, relationship, and relativity. Like attracts like; how we feel inwardly, how we resonate and energize from within, this then becomes the basis of our magnetic force-field. We create and materialize from this energy source. Venus is fertile and fertilizing. She creates and she perpetuates….”

“On June 5/6 2012, there will be a significant energy surge transmitted between our creator consciousness and instinctual desires. The creative potency is so dynamic, it is compelling enough to turn the conceptual into the reality, to bring that which we are resonating with into being.   Simply whatever it is that we have evaluated as most desirable and necessary for our continuance and survival is brought to the fore.”

“We now face a critical impact moment along our evolutionary time-line. Destiny can show up in terms of life events and opportunities, or it can draw key people into our life. It is forceful enough to create a momentous shift in our awareness and therefore, our reality base.”

“If you don’t witness a pivotal circumstance occur in your private life on the actual Venus event date, please note that the potency of these transits are already operative and that they will continue to extend over a period of time. In fact, you have been working on this key calling-forth destiny chapter for some time now. Rarely does one realize the full importance of the experience as it is happening. Hindsight reflection will attest to the fact that this is no ordinary moment in time….”

“In addition to the rise of the solar feminine, this rare and momentous Venus in Gemini transit is also a statement for the transfer of the batons of hope, faith, and of creative redesign to our youth. We need to gift them the future, not to rob them of it. Their active presence, contribution, and voice are needed at the helm in order to lead the collective to where it needs to go.”

“The youth of 1960’s raised their voice when Uranus and Pluto conjoined. Now Uranus and Pluto are aligned again, by the more urgent square angle aspect this time. Without a doubt, we, the collective, have come to a decisive pivot point. The message is pulsing more insistently now, how do we get it across? Watch for more social contagion, it is catching on. There will be more vocalizing and rising up, more movements, protests, and active rebellion. The Occupy movement will continue to mutate and to gather momentum….”

“…While you can be sure the Venus transit will deliver your destiny to you, it’s a good idea to keep your channel as clear as you can.  All transmissions to the universe carry more potent impact now.  Set deliberate intention.  Stay conscious and focused.  What do you want for yourself?  AFFIRM it.  The rise of the solar feminine offers you an exceptional opportunity to bear witness to your creative potential, to demonstrate yourself as the divine co-creator you are and have always been.”

Copyright © 2012 Rose Marcus, All Rights Reserved

Nick Anthony Fiorenza also some beautiful insight on the spiritual significance in terms of the heart chakra and intricate details and diagrams about the technicalities of this Venus transit on his site Lunar Planner. Here is an excerpt:

“The astrophysical resonances of Venus govern the heart bio-energy centre (chakra), and the thymus, which is the neurological control center for the immune system. The heart chakra is our centre of intuitive knowing, harmony, magnetic attraction, that which we value, love, romance, and sexual rapture. It is where we find our capacity for compassion and appreciation of beauty….”

“Venus (and the heart chakra), when mature and clear, expresses love in art and beauty, with a wonderful capacity for unconditional acceptance of all conditions–true, non-judgmental love. The unconditionally open heart receives and expresses love that is harmoniously balanced.”

“Mature Venus is open to new experience, is courageous, optimistic, and aware of soul intent and purpose–as the unconditionally open heart is where soul fully radiates its light. Mature Venus is also sociable, fashionable, artistic, good willed, benevolent, diplomatic, and magnetically sensuous. Venus is also of wealth and resources and plays a prominent role in financial matters and the flow of money….”

“Five is the number of the incarnate human–making possible the ascension from the lower quarternary world–that is, from the cyclic and temporal boundaries of space and time. The Way is through the Passage of the Heart.”


“This near perfect harmonic resonance between the Venus day, the Venus year, and Earth’s year is one of the astrophysical dynamics creating the gentle and harmonious astrological character of Venus. Thus, we have 5 synodic cycles and 12 Venusian days occurring in 8 Earth years creating a near perfect Venus-Earth synergy.”

“An interesting numerological technique is to explore the ratio between the Product and the Sum of a set of numbers:

The Product: 12 x 8 x 5 = 480.
The Sum: 12 + 8 + 5 = 25

The Product / The Sum = 480 / 25 = 19.2″

Qabalistic Numerology defines 192 as the the Divine Mother number. The mother element (the first element) is Hydrogen, from which life proceeds, fuel of the Sun; embodiment of the Divine Mother Principle.”

“The Arithmetic Reduction of 192 is 12, the Hebrew number Lamed, which corresponds to the sign of Libra – the astrological domicile of Venus.”

“The Venus Day / Earth Year harmonic interval is 2/3, the perfect musical fifth (3:2), the most universally consonant (pleasing to the ear and emotionally peaceful) harmonic and most durative (strong and long lasting compared to other harmonics which subside before the fifth). The Earth Venus pentagonal harmonic is 5/8, the sixth (8:5). The sixth emotionally invokes the concept of joy or natural innocence…”

“What are frequencies and how do planets express them? Think of a frequency (or wave) as the exchange of energy between polarities (from one element back to the other element)–how the energy moves… “

“…Planetary waves, for example, exist between a planet’s orbit and the point around which it orbits (orbital period), or between its circumference and its center, just to name two of many planetary waves. We also have the relationship between one wave and another wave: for example, the wave created by the Venusian day and Earthian year; or between the Venus year and Earth year. Wave relationships are harmonic or musical intervals, and there are a variety of musical intervals, that is, wave relationships, all with unique qualities. Some are harmonious and some not so.”

“The more harmony (concordance) the more attraction there is–like between two people–and the more discordance, the more repulsion. Planets and our entire star system of planets compose a variety of musical chords (combinations of frequencies and their harmonic intervals) all continually changing as the ever-changing dance of the planets compose a majestic symphonic expression–the Music of the Spheres.”

“The most famous work exploring the “Music of the Spheres” is that published in 1619 by Johannes Kepler in his “Harmonices Mundi…”

“When enough of us, as individuals, express in the relationship of unconditional love, then we, as a planet, will express the resonance of unconditional love, and then we will graduate from the bounds of discord, quarantined and separate from the universe around us, and graduate into the majesty of extraterrestrial awareness–into the awareness of cosmic-God-consciousness.”


“Venus transits always come in pairs. The second passage of Venus across the Sun’s disc takes place on June 6, 2012. The eight-year period in between represents a “doorway” through which Unity consciousness will come to dominate the mass consciousness of the Earth. Since this is a 130-year cycle, there are few humans alive today who have experienced this transit, yet it can be seen that every time this transit has taken place in human history, it has represented a new level of harmonization on the planet. It is interesting to note that the Taj Mahal, one of the greatest monuments to Love in human history, was built during the Venus Transit of 1631-1639 AD.”

“This current “doorway of Venus” is especially significant because it remains open until 2012 AD, the completion our current cycle of human evolution. Some refer to this date as the end of linear time, or as the end of a period of human consciousness conditioned by separation and duality. The Mayans refer to this time as the Return of Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent, and look to this eight-year doorway as the timeframe within which the mass enlightenment of humanity will take place….”

“Let us come together during this time in gatherings throughout the world to celebrate love and beauty, light and unity. Let us work with these expansive cosmic energies to anchor them deep into the heart of Earth Mother, deep into the human collective consciousness. Let us translate these energies into art, economics, culture, politics, education and ecology. Let us bring transformation into every field of human endeavor.  Let us pray, each in our own way, for the emergence of the Golden Age, for enlightenment for all, for peace, healing, and beauty on the planet!  Let us pray for the unity of humankind.”

Enjoy this magical time. Take time to honor the Divine Feminine within.

More on May and the New House Experience

Published on: May 28, 2012

We were kept waiting past the date on our offer for a response from the sellers.  It was a bit of a nail biter and I had to keep reminding myself to release attachments and allow divine right timing.  On Tuesday, May 22nd, at our friends book release party (Finding Ultra, we received the phone call that they had verbally accepted our offer.  I had checked in with Julia a couple of hours earlier and she said they would let us buy it.  We were overjoyed!!  Several days later, I went to catch up on my daily morning readings and look what I found!!  This is from the book by Sarah 

Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance: A Daybook or Comfort and Joy

I love when synchronicities like this pop in and let you know spirit is behind you!  The next day Wednesday we were supposed to get the signed offer back from the sellers.  Around 11:30am, I checked in intuitively and "got" that they were in a place of fear, that they had no money to pay for seller expenses and closing costs.  I called my agent and began to express how I felt connected to these people and it was very sad the financial situation they were in, they didn't even want to be selling this home that they loved so much.  I began crying and realized that I was processing their emotions, I started to get an occular migraine and went to my car to continue to process their emotions and realize that I needed to let it move through me.  I never got a migraine.  My agent told me that when she spoke to the sellers agent he expressed the very same concerns that I had "picked up on" and he was going to let them know that we would pay the closing costs.  I continued to get a strong impression of what they needed and felt it was the right and loving thing to do, contrary to proper business or real estate procedures!  I knew that if able, I should act from a place of love.  My family agreed with me!  There continued to be a lack of communication from the sellers agent and read into some things about him as well.  Suffice it to say, he just wanted to close the deal and was with holding any information that might scare us off and continually not doing what he said was going to be done. I felt the need to show up at the property and we received permission to show it to my mother-in-law.  On the way to pick her up, in a regular neighborhood, I saw another Roadrunner!  Again with the synchronicity and the nature messages of things happening quickly.  When we arrived at the house the grief was palpable.  We quietly and quickly made our way through the home and down to the lake.  As we were walking down the slope to the lake, 3 hawks flew overhead.  Hawks symbolize a message.  I felt that we would be hearing back from the buyers soon.  As we approached the lake, 2 turtles quickly jumped into the water.  Even though turtles are slow and careful creatures, these guys moved so quickly I barely caught site of them.  Good news.  We ended up walking all the way around the lake and were treated by sight after sight of beautiful nature.  So many butterflies, baby ducks, a stork, a swan, geese and more.  We quietly knocked on the door before we left to say goodbye and I was treated with a sad smile and the words, "we'll talk to you soon."  I knew I had helped them by coming by some how and my mind was now at rest as to what they were going to ultimately do.  They just needed more time.  By Friday we finally had the signed counter offer and the elephant in the room was identified. It is a very sad situation and we really feel for them.  I would have liked it much better if the agent was honest with us, the feeling of knowing you are being lied to is not much fun for me.  The date they requested for escrow to close was July 18th, the exact date that Julia had told me a week earlier, insisting that it would be a 60 day escrow.  Dang she is good!!

May and the Super Moon of Commitment

Published on: May 22, 2012

This month has been filled to the brim, I have gone from crushing depression and intense relationship issues to dreams coming true!  I have suffered physically with unexplained rashes and respiratory illness as well.   I found this months May forecast very helpful and resonant with my personal experience and thought I would share it.  This is written by Lena Stevens of The Power Path

What is commitment?

Commitment is removing the back door, the escape route and the words “if”, “maybe” and “when” from your vocabulary. Commitment is moving into your future with no turning back and no escape hatch. Commitment is eliminating the worry and anxiety that comes with ambivalence, doubt, consideration and “too many thinking”. Commitment is a natural segway of any bid for power. A bid for power without a proper commitment to launch it is not a serious bid for power.

So April's energy brought in a bid for power and that is what Lena is referring to here.  My bid for power included asking for and committing to finding a dream home.  In addition, I also committed to finishing my website and launching it by May 22, 2012, a huge thing for me on many levels.  Here is a statement I wrote on April 2, 2012 before I even read Lena's April forecast.  I was working through the Perelandra Soil-Less Garden steps that we were studying in our Jai Seed Kids homeschool group, this is from a journal we each made.  The children also wrote statements that were bids for power.  My daughter Madison also wrote hers on finding a new house.  Here is mine. 

In blue was my bid for power, I left out that I wanted to live on a lake because I thought it would be impossible within the zip codes we were looking at.  The insights portion was what I wrote after meditation and just letting words or images come in.  Those words came from Spirit.

There are two types of Commitment: Commitment that is unconscious and manifested by your actions rather than what you verbally intend, and commitment that is consciously and deliberately planned for and chosen. The unconscious commitment is the one you may not be aware of but everyone else is by your actions around it.

I experienced a lack of commitment or an unconscious commitment in the relationship arena that was very painful. The words above were very potent when I read them during that relationship trial.  So much growth comes from relationship trials.

True commitment is unconditional, something we are not used to having or working with. Conditions create the “ifs”, “whens”, and “maybes” in our vocabulary. Placing conditions on your bid for power waters down the commitment to it and is like putting only your big toe in the water when you really intended to take a swim. Hesitancy, doubt, confusion, ambivalence, worry, anxiety, fear and mistrust, all take their toll on your ability to commit to something cleanly and clearly.

Look at your life and see if you can identify the commitments you find yourself in due to either taking action or not taking action. If you can’t in good conscience choose them as conscious commitments you have work to do.

I realized that if I was really committed to buying a new house that I needed to act like it, I had really been putting my toe in the water.  As I shifted to an action mode, things began to happen very quickly.  I told the girls we should start going through our things because we would be moving and we should act like we will be moving.

Communication is a big issue and the lack of it tends to keep things very messy especially in relationships. If you are in any relationship where you know there are assumptions from the other person that you are not willing to agree or commit to, but they remain unspoken, it is time to bring them to the surface and tell the truth. It is usually fear of being alone or disappointing the other that keeps this messy unspoken situation going on for far too long. This is the month of growing up and becoming an adult, telling the truth and taking your bids for power very seriously. Relationships are the point of growth for most people, be it relationship with self, with a partner, family member, or work colleague, therefore most bids for power and most commitments will involve at least one relationship. Don’t be afraid to communicate your bid for power and your commitment. If you are secretive and unwilling to share, it means you have doubts. If you have doubts you are not 100 percent committed. Either work those doubts out and commit, or make a change or adjustment to your bid.

For me, I experienced the deep need for truth telling and also realized that I was not feeling free to really be who I was, I was hiding a part of myself that perhaps others would not find acceptable.  I realized that I wasn't being honest if I did that.

People have different styles of communication. Depending on your style, you may have an easier or a more difficult time. Those who have the intellectual trap may find it more difficult to commit without conditions and reservations. Those who are emotionally centered have an easier time with the emotional clarity that true bids for power need to be authentic. Whatever your style, communication should be addressed this month as a way to clean up messy commitments.

Major spring cleaning in the communication arena!

Consciously chosen commitments are different in that they follow consciously chosen bids for power and are thought about and planned for. If your bid for power is about getting a better job or a bigger house then your commitment would be to do whatever it takes to accomplish that. You commit to leaving your current position or home in order to move into a better situation. You don’t say ” I will move if and when and maybe”, you decide for certain that you will be making the change and then give the timing over to spirit. Giving timing over to spirit is not being ambivalent it is simply being flexible while still being 100% committed to the end result.

Easier said then done, but I worked it....hard!!  It'sfunny too, because I often have clients that come to work on issues that are similar to my own and as I uttered the words that my client should list her house I realized I needed to take my own advice.

We have many rituals that provide structures for conscious commitment. Marriage, many kinds of contracts from loans to jobs, putting things in writing, study courses and diplomas, initiations into religions, etc. If you enter into a commitment of this kind through one of these rituals, take it seriously and enter into it for yourself, not for someone else. If you find yourself needing to break the commitment for any reason (divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession, layoff or quitting a job, dropping out of a program) do it consciously and take full responsibility. Do a ritual around the closure and the ending. If you don’t, you will leave many loose ends that continue to bleed your energy and get in the way for a new bid for power and a new commitment.

With a conscious commitment it is also imperative to be consistent. Be certain and unconditional and communicate that to others. Others will only try and talk you out of a commitment if they feel there is an opening of doubt, confusion, uncertainty, fear or numerous conditions attached to your bid. Spirit recognizes the certainty behind your bid for power through the commitment behind it. Don’t set yourself up for failure so you can be a martyr about it. Be practical, be certain, be committed.

What are the fears that keep people from committing to what they really want?

Fear of success or fear of failure.

Lena goes into more depth on the full report, the link is at the bottom of the page.  In my work with clients and myself I have always found the deeper issue of fear of success or fear of failure to be worthiness.

The challenges this month:

Martyrdom, stubbornness, self deprecation, impatience, hesitancy, doubt, confusion, ambivalence, worry, anxiety, despair, fear and mistrust.


The opportunities this month:

Commitment, certainty, clarity, expansion, abundance, movement, manifestation, direction, support, insight and fulfillment.

Yep. What is amazing is experiencing all of those things in this one month!

How the month shows up:


This is a big month for self reflection and truth telling. What are you committing to unconsciously? Is it what you want? Tell the truth. There is tremendous personal growth possible this month as it supports growing up and taking personal and full responsibility for your life. If you do this you will be of great service to the planet as an example. If everyone were to do this, how the planet would change. It is already happening but we can all help by doing our part and becoming fully responsible. It starts with reviewing your commitments. If you do the work, you should find yourself greatly inspired by a sense of power and the relief that comes from truth and clarity.


This is a biggie and we addressed this quite a bit already. This is a month to clean up relationship commitments, tell the truth, communicate clearly, recommit where needed, change or complete your commitments where necessary and revisit your bids for power regarding relationships. This is a huge area of growth as it may bring up karmic agreements into the picture. It is also an opportunity to work in yourself especially with your personal relationship to your own masculine and feminine energies.

Commitment comes from the masculine. So a lack of commitment or an inability to commit leaves the feminine completely unsupported and weakened in manifesting anything out in the world. This is an opportunity for self-study into your own dynamics of this relationship. The way it manifests in you personally will give you a clue as to how it shows up in all of your relationships.


Review your commitments both unconscious and conscious. Review your relationship to your body and if you find you have bids for power that are unreasonable, adjust them. If you find you should have had a bid for power or made some decision around a physical issue, but have not yet gotten around to it, now would be the time to do it. Some of you spend too much of your time dealing with your physical body. Some of you don’t give it the time of day. Try to find balance this month as a bid for power. Then make a commitment to do what is needed for your health and physical well being.

The physical body may manifest its issues this month through bones, teeth, liver heat, skin rashes, and respiratory challenges. Increase your calcium, cool the liver, eliminate worry and anxiety (too many thinking) and be conscious of the grief of unresolved disappointments that lung issues manifest. It is also a good idea to take an iodine supplement to support the thyroid.

In our family we had teeth (cracked in half and had to be pulled!), liver heat (and pain during a chakra meditation), skin issues and respiratory challenges that were related to grief and unresolved disapointments.


This is an interesting month for projects and business. Bids for power will be tested here and the integrity of your commitments will be crucial to the success of what you wish to manifest. It could be a really great month for support, abundance and great prosperity as long as you are very clear and committed and listening to the right voice (not the voice of egoic fear). Don’t be afraid to adjust your bids for power if they are over reaching what is possible. But don’t limit yourself unnecessarily either. This is why it is important to listen to the right voice.

If your intentions are coming from your heart and what you know is right and you are 100 percent committed, you cannot fail. The key is to give enough flexibility to spirit to choose the right timing and to bring you the support you need. Don’t try and second-guess where the support should come from and be willing to accept the unexpected. This is an exciting time for business and projects. A lot will ride on your relationships so be sure to review which ones are committed and which ones are not. Review your bids for power and adjust or commit as needed.

So, this is really right on for our family.  Madison kept harping on me to look at houses that were way out of our price range.  We had been studying Perelandra and talking to nature intelligence, she repeatedly challenged me and basically told me to practice what I was teaching!!  This is why I ultimately looked at my dream property.  Even my real estate agent said, this is way over your price range but I will take you if you want.  My answer....Madison wants me to!  What happened?  I fell in love with it, my husband fell in love with it, we asked my Mom if she would buy it with us and live with us, she fell in love with it.  We are all fully committed to making it work.  I saw my Mom who is usually extremely over cautious and never feel completely comfortable and committed!  Madison had told me a month or so ago that she wanted a dirt back yard with a fruit orchard.  I was thinking, that is a strange request, this house has it.  My husband and I have always wanted to live on a lake, but we are unable to relocate out of this area because of his job.  We decided to compromise this bid for power and find a rural house until such time as we could move to a lake.  We are both water loving Pisces.  This house is a lake front property.  I didn't even know there was a lake in this city!  Now granted, we can't go water skiing on it, but it is private for members only, secluded, you can swim and fish in it!  If you look at the image of my journal entry, I didn't include being near water even though that was my dream.  Spirit knew my dream whether I wrote it down or not and communicated to me that a house with a lake was in my future in divine time!!  I am really still pinching myself.  Also, because of the support of my mother, this can all be done with increased financial abundance as compared to both our current living situtations!

Spirit also stepped in and helped us with writing an offer of this property.  The owner really seemed to connect with us and I had the feeling he wanted to sell US the house even though he currently had another offer in on it.  He told us what the offer was and what he needed to get out of debt and be able to have a nest egg.  Rather than writing an offer for a small amount more, I felt intuitively the number he needed and that is what we offered.  He also gave us extra time to write our offer and get my mom over to see the property.  When we came back with my mom we really connected with the owners mother who lives there with them in the exact room that my mom will live in.  She told us amazing stories of her life and I laughed and cried.  With any big decisions or trials I always check in with Julia Wolfe, you will find her info in my resource section.  She is a talented astrologer.  We had a short session and she had told me that my mom would love it and we would all be happy, peaceful, and financially abundant.  As we were on the property showing it to my mom I began to relate what Julia had told me to my real estate agent.  Fully showing who I was and what I believed in, being honest and not knowing how she would react.  Before I could finish my mom turned around and walked back to us and said she loved the place, "Let's do it!"

We went home and wrote up the offer and listed both of our houses.  The next morning the first couple to look at my house bought it.  They have similar energies to the ones we had been cultivating in the home.  They are animal lovers and the husband wants to grow lots of things! Escrow opens today!  I am still waiting to hear back on our offer to our dream home.  I have felt certain since we wrote it that the house is ours.  As the time and waiting get longer I get more anxious.  Writing this blog post and sharing all of this was my therapy for my anxiety and my re-commitment to gratitude and realignment with divine timing.

My mom has experienced several synchronicities, the most major that she had to live in her house for two years before she sold it.  She looked it up last night and she purchased her home June of 2010!  Synchonicities are spirits way of showing you the right way.

May 5: Full Moon is at 9:36 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This is a super moon, the largest moon of the year and very powerful. Harness the power for some commitment that you are working with right now. We remind you here that you do not need to KNOW all the steps and all the details. Having the right intellectual information before embarking on a bid for power and a commitment to it is not essential. In fact it will often get in the way and hold you back from just going for it. Stretch yourself this full moon. Get outside your comfort zone and commit to something you never thought you could do. Just make sure it is something you want.

On the full moon my relationship and communication issues came around to truth telling and full re-commitment, it was an incredible healing.

May 8-15: A window for seeing results. Some may exceed your expectations, some may be disappointing, and some may be confusing. Instead of asking what went wrong, revisit your original motivation for your bid and your commitment. What is it that you wanted? This may give you some insight into what was unclear or clouded or confusing. Without judgment, make adjustments.

This is a time frame where you also may be dealing with choices and decisions that have to do with next steps. When you bid for power and make a true commitment you give spirit the green light to begin manifesting. This will often bring the challenge of tests (are you sure?) or great success that you have to be ready for. In the process there are often choices and decisions to be made that relate to the next steps. Be ready. The energy is gearing up.

Many things changed during this time regarding where the right property would be and the qualities that were important to us.

May16-22: A highly charged time where you may experience so much activity that you don’t know what to do first. It is important that you set your priorities and have patience and compassion for those that do not have the same clarity as you may have about your commitments. Rather than reacting negatively, practice acceptance. Prioritize your commitments and manage your energy around what needs your input the most. This is a good time to practice boundaries so you are not swept up into someone else’s drama. There will be plenty of drama around you. Learn to seek the neutrality and peaceful state of allowing synchronicity and right timing. Be available by being present so that spirit can bring to you what you have committed to. Allow others to be wherever they are as you cannot help them do what they have to do themselves.

May 17th is the day I looked at the house and we wrote the offer on May 19th. We also listed our houses for sale on the 19th and did the "hurry, scurry" to clean our houses and get them ready to show, all in just a few hours!!  I had a list!!

May 20: New Moon and partial solar eclipse at 5:48 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This is a very intense time that can bring breakage, conflict, change and potent fuel for your dreams and bids for power. You can infuse your commitment with this solar energy, which represents the masculine. Use this time wisely as anything that passes through your thoughts and feelings will be magnified. Stay away from known conflict and negative situations. The quality is fiery and explosive and will be fueled by the winds of change.

The day of the eclipse is the day that we received the offer on our house!  All within 12 hours of listing it!  Fast?  Uh, YEAH!!

Speaking of fast, a few days after I wrote my intentions for the house, nature showed up as a Roadrunner in flight, which is rare.  I entered the experience in my journal.

To see the full report, as mine has only excerpts, go to

Mother's Day Blessings

Published on: May 13, 2012


Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love.  ~Mildred B. Vermont

You Know it's Ascension When....

Published on: May 10, 2012

You know it's ascension when you can't sleep, you are in physical pain and your symptoms cannot be diagnosed by your doctor or any lab test.

Job 12:7-8

Published on: Mar 22, 2012

" ask the beasts and they will teach you

and the birds of the air

and they will tell you

or speak to the earth

and SHE will teach you..."


Published on: Mar 20, 2012

You are not sep­arate from nature. We are all part of the One Life that man­i­fests itself in count­less forms through­out the uni­verse, forms that are all com­pletely inter­con­nected. When you rec­og­nize the sacred­ness, the beauty, the incred­i­ble still­ness and dig­nity in which a flower or the tree exists, you add some­thing to the flower or the tree. Through your recog­ni­tion, your aware­ness, nature too comes to know itself. It comes to know its own beauty and sacred­ness through you! — Eck­hart Tolle.

Nature is in the House

Published on: Mar 17, 2012

When I first home schooled my girls 5 years ago, I knew that I wanted nature to be a big part of our curriculum.  Madison had such a love for animals and the natural world it was an easy vehicle to teach through.  Back then I found out about a class that was being taught in Idyllwild by Joseph Cornell called Sharing Nature With Children (a book by the same name is available). One of the exercises we did in that workshop was to walk out in the beautiful Idyllwild forest and find any object in nature and sit quietly and listen to it.  Ask it a question and listen to the answer.  I sat under a tree. The tree did speak to me and wanted me to bring my children to the nature center. I did bring my girls there several years later.

Fast forward to my next adventure into homeschooling. My dear friend Julie introduced me to Perelandra  In the short amount of time I have been reading and practicing a bit of what is taught in Perelandra and communing with nature some remarkable things have happened.  During a meditation with the children I called in the nature spirits and ask them to show up in a unique way to let us know that we are on the right path.  In the next 24 hours we had three unusual things appear.   A hummingbird hovered about 20 feet in the air over my driveway for almost a full minute before perching on a tree branch.  I was discussing homeschooling options with a friend and my oldest daughter began to speak from a very wise place as to why she wanted to leave the district homeschooling program we were in and have more freedom under a Private School Affidavit and Bee landed on our curriculum.  A short while later a coyote ran in front of my car during the day and watched me watching him at the side of the road for a good long time.  The next time we meditated together calling in Nature again within 24 hours we were visited.  A hummingbird flew into our house and was stuck in our skylight in the kitchen.  She would not fly into a net so I had to get her by hand.  I couldn't believe the amount of energy I felt coursing through my hand and arm coming from this tiny being. I tried to place her on my jasmine bush but she was still in shock. I just held her and watched her, she watched me just as intently, then chirped showing her long tongue and dashing off at a tremendous speed.

During this same time a trusted mentor and teacher was consulted about this new development of my girls wanting to leave the public school district homeschooling program and be completely free from the system.  He summed up his advice by telling me that there is no morphic field for what I was trying to do as a parent and teacher so I would need to call upon the ancestors and the earth (nature).

Now here I am, our last day with that program is Friday and we will be filing a Private School Affidavit, we feel free and joyful.  Life is sweet. Hummingbird as a totem teaches us that we can accomplish the impossible, move quickly and in any direction and enjoy the sweet nectar of life.  Hummingbird medicine is in the flowers, flower essences and essential oils and Hummingbird is reinforcing that in my life and in my children's.

What is the meaning of this?

Published on: Dec 26, 2011

With 2011 coming to a close, I am reflecting on this year.  What a ride!  I just need to list a few things for myself, for the record and I am sure I will leave some things out.

I chaired the Winter Faire the first year we were at a new school.

I applied to graduate school.

I went to my first sweat lodge and did it twice in one weekend.

That experience and the connections I made shifted my entire life, I wasn’t able to eat meat, I wasn’t able to tolerate much of what I considered normal in my life.

Authenticity came to visit to a degree that I had never experienced.  Its sharp blade began to cut things out of my life, it had a power of its own.

Relationships were shaken to the core, including my marriage and close friends.

I chose not to go on a big family vacation that had been planned for over 6 months based on alignment.  We took a trip to Lake Shasta instead and it shifted our life.

My children led me out of public school into homeschooling.  Then they led me to their passions, which they could not express before.  They could not fully step into them without my complete and total support for their unique needs.

I started graduate school right on the crest of the huge decision to homeschool.  I suffered, my kids suffered a great deal through letting go of the old, being judged and being physically ill.  I basked in the glow of total love and support for our choices.  Spirit gave me all the signs and synchronicity that I needed to know I was on the right path.  I had to accept the unknown, I still do. using of love and not fear.  Like choosing a graduate program that didn’t end in a particular career, like a Marriage Family Therapist, for example.  I picked aprogram that filled me full of joy and excitement.  Just as my children did.

The common thread is I used my heart as my compass and journeyed into the unknown....

One of the passions that I followed and fully supported was horses.  Alyssa now has her own horse.  That is a story in itself, and I will sum it up to say that it was completely out of the ordinary, synchronistic, amazing and lucky.  That is why we call him Lucky.  I knew that it was a huge decision, a huge commitment. I felt the butterflies and nervous tension in my body.  I had no idea how much he would change our life, I still don’t.

“We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”  Joseph Campbell

Full Moon

Published on: Nov 11, 2011

The events of the past several months will take some time to tell.  Suffice it to say I am a new person, a new mother, a new wife in a new marriage.  I did not sit down and decide to do these things, I did not use my will to change my life, I surrendered to the energy and pushed off from the safe shores into the center of the river and let it carry me to where I am now.  Still in the flow, and since the surrender I see the beautiful and often astonishing, surprising synchronicity of living in this way.  It isn’t perfect, there are many challenges and ascension pains are still part of my life, similar to my children’s growing pains.

In the last month or so the energies have effected my pituitary gland and I feel it activate at random times as an energy buzz on the bridge of my nose between my eyebrows.  My crown chakra is very active and I am aware of the energy there daily.  I have drawn out how I perceive the new chakras of ascension and am trying to make sense of an antenna like system above the head that is configured like the sacred geometry of the tree of life.  I also have been aware of hormonal shifts that have affected my cycle and my oldest daughter.  I am synced now exactly with the moon and use a new time/calendar system.

This shift happened through stepping out of the morphic field of public education and into homeschooling.  This fit the need that we were all feeling to be at home more.  In our first couple of weeks we studied the history of our present day Gregorian calendar.  My children were outraged and we began exploring ancient calendars and synchronistically came upon the 13 moon calendar which itself is an activator or synchronometer of cosmic energy completely aligned to the natural earth rhythms.

I am looking forward to celebrating 11-11-11 tomorrow with my children and holding a ritual and giving them a teaching that has been making itself known in my consciousness.

Journal Entry After Meditation

Published on: Aug 5, 2011

This overwhelming feeling of being so weighted down, sluggish, feet aching as if I had been walking for days, the feeling of not wanting to leave the house perhaps it is necessary.  Perhaps it is a an idle, a neutral between gears.  Perhaps the body, our biological container for the new higher frequencies that are being embodied, needs a rest, a breath before it can install the upgrade.  The upgrade is here.  I have received the upgrade, I have the information about what I need to do to process the new energy and become the new me.  The me that can handle the rapid and ferocious information, the me that wakes each morning to meditation and receives the direction for the day blowing in through my windows.  What kind of day it needs to be, I feel myself into the day.  In this way, I am in the natural rhythm that the mother earth so lovingly provides for me and all her creatures.  I move my body, because it is in my nature to do so and it supports my structure to be in balance, to be able to process and thrive in the new earth reality.  This is the guidance I have been receiving.  Meditate, Write, Move your Body, Love, Connect, Align, Nature, Play, Joy, Feed my body well (I have very detailed information!)  I have been feeling stuck, heavy, overwhelmed and in resistance to the very guidance that will set me free.  I am in idle between gears awaiting to surrender into the flow.  I surrender to the best that I can be.

Journal Entry

Published on: Aug 4, 2011

My life is in balance, grace, joy and connection when I meditate, write and move my body daily.  I take deeper breaths of life and it feels good.


Published on: Aug 3, 2011

The World As I See It (1949)

For the title essay in this work see Mein Weltbild (1931) above.

The Meaning of Life

  • What is the meaning of human life, or of organic life altogether? To answer this question at all implies a religion. Is there any sense then, you ask, in putting it? I answer, the man who regards his own life and that of his fellow creatures as meaningless is not merely unfortunate but almost disqualified for life.

Good and Evil

  • The true value of a human being is determined primarily by the measure and the sense in which he has attained to liberation from the self.

Society and Personality

  • When we survey our lives and endeavors we soon observe that almost the whole of our actions and desires are bound up with the existence of other human beings. We see that our whole nature resembles that of the social animals. We eat food that others have grown, wear clothes that others have made, live in houses that others have built. The greater part of our knowledge and beliefs has been communicated to us by other people through the medium of a language which others have created. Without language our mental capacities would be poor indeed, comparable to those of the higher animals; we have, therefore, to admit that we owe our principal advantage over the beasts to the fact of living in human society. The individual, if left alone from birth would remain primitive and beast-like in his thoughts and feelings to a degree that we can hardly conceive. The individual is what he is and has the significance that he has not so much in virtue of his individuality, but rather as a member of a great human society, which directs his material and spiritual existence from the cradle to the grave.

The example of great and pure characters is the only thing that can produce fine ideas and noble deeds.

  • A man's value to the community depends primarily on how far his feelings, thoughts, and actions are directed towards promoting the good of his fellows. We call him good or bad according to how he stands in this matter. It looks at first sight as if our estimate of a man depended entirely on his social qualities.
  • And yet such an attitude would be wrong. It is clear that all the valuable things, material, spiritual, and moral, which we receive from society can be traced back through countless generations to certain creative individuals. The use of fire, the cultivation of edible plants, the steam engine — each was discovered by one man.
  • Only the individual can think, and thereby create new values for society — nay, even set up new moral standards to which the life of the community conforms. Without creative, independently thinking and judging personalities the upward development of society is as unthinkable as the development of the individual personality without the nourishing soil of the community.
  • The health of society thus depends quite as much on the independence of the individuals composing it as on their close political cohesion.

Of Wealth

  • I am absolutely convinced that no wealth in the world can help humanity forward, even in the hands of the most devoted worker in this cause. The example of great and pure characters is the only thing that can produce fine ideas and noble deeds. Money only appeals to selfishness and always tempts its owners irresistibly to abuse it.
  • Can anyone imagine MosesJesus, or Gandhi armed with the money-bags of Carnegie?

Religion in Science

  • You will hardly find one among the profounder sort of scientific minds without a peculiar religious feeling of his own. But it is different from the religion of the naive man. For the latter God is a being from whose care one hopes to benefit and whose punishment one fears; a sublimation of a feeling similar to that of a child for its father, a being to whom one stands to some extent in a personal relation, however deeply it may be tinged with awe. But the scientist is possessed by the sense of universal causation. The future, to him, is every whit as necessary and determined as the past. There is nothing divine about morality, it is a purely human affair. His religious feeling takes the form of a rapturous amazement at the harmony of natural law, which reveals an intelligence of such superiority that, compared with it, all the systematic thinking and acting of human beings is an utterly insignificant reflection.

Journal Entry After Meditation

Published on: Aug 3, 2011

That which feels hard, the resistance of not doing my guidance is more difficult, uncomfortable and painful than moving through the resistance, which is based in fear not in love.  Moving into the loving rhythm of self care and self love, flowing into meditation, music, scent, movement, connection, nature, alignment, truth, and love creates a web or structure of support for all of the energy and information that I know is coming into my field even as I write this.

I feel that the intensity volume and vibration is starting to climb up and now is the time to cleanse my body by a cleansing diet, and create a solid foundation to support where I am going.  It is in my best interest and all those closest to me.  I love meditation, movement, yoga, cardio barre, walking in nature, reading, writing, self-expression, spending time at home, the comfort from being with my dogs, snuggling, painting with the girls, music, scents, connection alignment and truth, they bring balance, harmony and joy to my life.  And so it is.

Twin Flames

Published on: Aug 2, 2011

no beginning

no end

we have always been

always will be

you’ve loved me like no one ever has

like the love i wished for in my dreams

that night you first gazed at me

i felt you pull me to you

like the moon pulls on the sea

no beginning

no end

as if we have always been

always will be

the night we met was

a reunion of our souls

it was a remembering

a finding

at long last

you came for me

the only one who fills me up and sets me free

no beginning

no end

we have always been

and always will be

The Tree

Published on: Aug 2, 2011

What Do Children Know?

Published on: Aug 2, 2011

“Today, try listening to the wisdom of children;...observing how your pets live so contentedly in the present moment; rediscovering the surprising healing power of spontaneity;  focusing on the good in any situation you are now encountering;  expecting the best out of every day...”  Simple Abundance, A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnanch, from August 2nd.

Last night my youngest daughter asked for her Dad to come into her room after we had put our girls to bed.  I was wondering about this as most times she asks for her momma.  I heard the muffled sounds of her anguished crying and my husband trying to comfort her.  My older daughter had come to get him, so I knew she was feeling for her sister.  It turns out it wasn’t something smallish like, I want mom’s old lap top, everyone has one but me.  She told her Dad that she didn’t like her school, that she didn’t belong there, she didn’t fit in, and several of her friends that she had before joining this school, were different now and she didn’t feel the same connection.  So now, both of my girls are asking to be home schooled, again.  My oldest daughter began to mention it in January.  They each have different reasons.  Madison fits in, likes most of the kids, loves her main teacher and could do without some of the specialty teachers.  When we opened up the discussion she said things like.  “I know the school is meant to teach to the individual child and their needs, but how can they really do that with 26 kids in the class?”  Or my favorite, “I would love to spend each day learning and discovering things that I am really interested in and explore them deeply.”  Wow!  My husband, of course, felt horrible that our youngest was in such obvious pain.  He said he doesn’t know what to do.  That he thinks maybe they just don’t want to do the work.  I lay there thinking, oh my god, I am going to home school again!  Right when I am about to start graduate school.  I don’t know where all the positive thoughts about doing that came from as I have been in complete resistance to the idea.  However, I started thinking about NOT having to drive 2 hours a day, moving to our own rhythm, being home and being out of a structure that is broken.  Spending time learning wonderful things, together.  Our beautiful school that I love is trying to exist within a structure that doesn’t work.  What the new energies that are around us are asking for is to be in alignment, truth, love and joy.  Can I, with a good conscience NOT LISTEN to my children, who many times have a deeper wisdom than myself?   Do I discount their intuitions, feelings and possibly their health to keep them in a system that I know doesn’t work?  Fast forward to this morning.  I had cleaned my office last night and discovered a book of daily inspirational reading and read the days entry and quite enjoyed it.  I laid it at my bedside and decided to read it each morning before getting out of bed.  Part of it is quoted above.  I read it and began to process.  I sat down to do my humming meditation on my king chair and both of my dogs jumped up there with me.  I allowed them to be there to enjoy the love they were sharing with me and with each other and continued my meditation until I was moved to write this.

To Do List

Published on: Jul 26, 2011

There is a movement of spirit that proceeds from within your heart tp greet the world with the clarity of perfect action.  That movement is intuitive.  It is your direct link with the Source of all life.  In the instant you know what to do, and in the same instant, you flow into the perfect action required.”  Return of the Bird Tribes by Ken Carey

Deep Connection

Published on: Jul 20, 2011

Deep connection is a theme in my life at the moment.  I can absolutely feel in my body when I am experiencing a deep connection with someone.  It feels wonderful.  It goes beyond understanding or empathy, it is as if we are actually connected and synchronized so that I can feel what they are feeling or know what they are thinking during the connection.

The more I experience this deep connection and the synchronicity the more I want to experience it.

I have noticed a lot of research and books that relate to this experience using different terminology.  Recently, I read a book titled Dogs that Know When Their Owners are Coming Home by Rupert Sheldrake.  He believes it is a form of telepathy that develops over the bond or deep connection that the dog has with its owner.  Today, I found a brain research article that shows via fMRI that brain activity synchronizes during communication between two people that resonates.  This synchronicity follows the resonation not the other way around.

Incidentally, Rupert Sheldrake is a man worth reading, he also wrote Morphic Resonance, it is a quantum biological theory of everything.  Everything exists in a field.  Each field effects and resonates with other fields.  Mystics have known it for centuries and now science is catching up!

Also worth watching are Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman on the Science Channel, a series in which Rupert Sheldrake was interviewed on the 6th sense.  The movies Quantum Activist and Living Matrix.



Published on: Jul 16, 2011

A few days before the eclipse of July I began to experience physical pain in my body.  I was in a state of resistance to that pain and I wanted it to go away.  Very much like allopathic medicine looks at the body and cuts out unwanted parts, I had the realization that I needed to accept it.  As part of accepting the pain, I asked myself what message was it delivering to me.

The message was clear.  The message had been repeatedly given to me.  I had written it down.  Though about the message.  Thought about doing the message.  I stopped short of the actual doing.  The action of doing.  I took some steps toward it and then met resistance to the actual act of doing it or completing it.

To me, words are extremely powerful.  They hold energy, they direct it and share it with others and our collective field.  This is not only a metaphysical dream but a researched fact.  You can simply look at Messages in Water, HeartMath, Mystics and Quantum Physics for the proof you may need.  I looked up the words resistance, action, stress and flow in the dictionary.

Here is the information below:


5. Physics

a. An applied force or system of forces that tends to strain or deform a body.

b. The internal resistance of a body to such an applied force or system of forces.

6. Electricity The opposition of a body or substance to current passing through it, resulting in a change of electrical energy into heat or another form of energy.

a. A mentally or emotionally disruptive or upsetting condition occurring in response to adverse external influences and capable of affecting physical health, usually characterized by increased heart rate, a rise in blood pressure, muscular tension, irritability, and depression.

re·sis·tance  (r-zstns)


1. The act or an instance of resisting or the capacity to resist.

2. A force that tends to oppose or retard motion.

6. Electricity The opposition of a body or substance to current passing through it, resulting in a change of electrical energy into heat or another form of energy.

flow  (fl)

v. flowed, flow·ing, flows



a. To move or run smoothly with unbroken continuity, as in the manner characteristic of a fluid.

b. To issue in a stream; pour forth: Sap flowed from the gash in the tree.

2. To circulate, as the blood in the body.

3. To move with a continual shifting of the component particles: wheat flowing into the bin; traffic flowing through the tunnel.

4. To proceed steadily and easily: The preparations flowed smoothly.

5. To exhibit a smooth or graceful continuity: The poem's cadence flowed gracefully.

6. To hang loosely and gracefully: The cape flowed from his shoulders.

7. To rise. Used of the tide.

8. To arise; derive: Many conclusions flow from this hypothesis.


a. To abound or teem: coffers flowing with treasure.

b. To stream copiously; flood: Contributions flowed in from all parts of the country.

ac·tion  (kshn)


1. The state or process of acting or doing: The medical team went into action.

2. Something done or accomplished; a deed. See Usage Note at act.

3. Organized activity to accomplish an objective: a problem requiring drastic action.

4. The causation of change by the exertion of power or a natural process: the action of waves on a beach; the action of a drug on blood pressure.

5. A movement or a series of movements, as of an actor.

6. Manner of movement: a horse with fine action.

7.Habitual or vigorous activity; energy: a woman of action.

As I read the definitions I had an epiphany.  Resistance as in the electrical definition caused heat or another form of energy.  This happens when the energy that is trying to come in is resisted.  It causes heat and I suggest inflammation and pain when we resist.  It also causes an energy distortion.  Is the answer action?  This was my next question.  As I read the definition I became aware that was not the answer.  Action does have a place, it is a doing kind of energy.  But the answer for me to the problem of resistance is not action, it is flow.  As I read the definition of flow I was sure that this is the type of energy of being and of allowing.  If I allow the energy to come into my field without resistance then it will flow.  It must not stop within my field as the energy or messages that I am receiving are about sharing my gifts or caring for my mind/body/field.  In the sharing and caring that I am being guided into, it is not just action that is required it is flow.  I cannot just write a list and carry it out I have to ride the wave or the flow of the new information (energy) that I am receiving without resistance.

The messages I received are simple and clear.  Easy to do and don’t take a lot of time.  Being in resistance is painful and confusing, being in flow is blissful and comfortable.  I choose flow.  I choose it now and in this moment.

Written at 4:30am When I Couldn't Sleep

Published on: Jul 6, 2011

Sweet Surrender

Published on: Jul 6, 2011

Feel the fear then let it go

sweet surrender is the only cure

pain in your heart, pain in your head

dis ease, anger, anxiety or depression

feel the fear then lit it go

sweet surrender is the only cure


see the lesson in the pain, awareness and healing

feel the fear then let it go

sweet surrender is the only cure


i’m not enough, they will not love me,

i can’t be who i am, i live in fear

fear from lifetime, upon lifetime

woven into the fabric of my very being

pulling the stitch and rewriting the story

i am loved and will always be

love and compassion allow me to see clearly


feel the fear then let it go

sweet surrender is the only cure

surrender to love and truth

surrender and be who you really are


the power of love is greater than the power of fear

let love rule, your every thought, your every relationship

spread your love and allow the healing






and so it is

Willow Tucker

Travels to the Multi-Verse

Published on: Jul 6, 2011

My pain was not physical so I switched my healing intentions into the spiritual and emotional realm.  I spent time in meditation.  I used the Humming Meditation and Tree Field Seal by

I had emotional releases during meditation of grief, loss and sadness.

Next I moved into a past life meditation using a technique called Quantum Jumping (a guided visualization).

As I relaxed I began to see a scene of a woman (myself) being brought a sick child to heal.  The child was on the brink of death and was brought by his mother against the father’s wishes.  The father was dogmatic and powerful man.  The child died and he led a group to stone me to death.  I ran away and was cornered.  The left side of my body took the brunt of the attack and finally killed me.  I was watching as an observer but I felt what she was feeling.  Initially it was fear and injustice.  Then she/me came to a place of love and compassion for the father that in his grief blamed her.  She sent love to him and died in peace.

I realized that I was not so much re-writing that experience but it was my reaction to it, being faced with love and compassion that helped to release my fears.

Also, current Quantum Physics believes that there are multiple realities existing in dimensions in which can be having life experiences all simultaneously.  As humans we experience time in our reality.  But time is an illusion and doesn’t exist in the universe.  So these past lives are actually all happening at once from a galactic perspective.

Walk This Way

Published on: Jul 5, 2011

Willow's Ascension Story

In meditation I was given guidance to blog my ascension experience.  Everyone has their own path as unique as each one of us are.  Stories are powerful and healing.  If one person reads this and it helps them in their path I have more than succeeded in helping others.  Just by writing this down and putting it out there, I have opened a quantum resonance field of consciousness with this story that forms a grid for others to lay down their experience.

This most recent eclipse of July 1st was very intense for me.  For 13 years I have been studying alternative healing methods and am very sensitive to the collective field.  Since February of this year that process has sped up to more than 20 times the rate of transformation I had been experiencing.  With this amplified process I have also experienced an amplification of other senses that I have developed and uncovered over the years.

Last Wednesday morning I woke up with a crick in my neck.  Within a few hours I was on full lock down muscle guarding on the left side head, neck and shoulders.  It felt (feels) like whiplash.  I went to the Chiropractor.  Iced it, put heat on, took aromatherapy baths, had several massages all adding up to no change.  I shared this with my friend and she wisely said, “then its not physical”.

I had been sensing a discordant energy with my husband but everything else was fine in my life.  When I asked him what was wrong he brushed it off.  Inside my body I am finding truth.  It is a resonance that has a physical sensation, it occurs between my navel and my heart.  When I sense alignment or truth I am beginning to get these signals much more clearly.  I am also trusting them.  In fact Trust is a huge thing for me right now.  On Friday morning, the day of the eclipse my husband and I had an exchange that left me restless and also knowing that something was wrong, I could feel it.   By the evening when we were together after a short and calm conversation I pointed out what I knew was going on.  What followed was a marriage earth quake, rocking our foundation.  During the next couple of hours, I was able to communicate and process through everything from a loving and compassionate place.  I observed myself and was surprised by how quickly any anger quickly dissipated and shifted to love and compassion.  I was amazed as my observer self felt how strong my truth antenna was operating and how much I was trusting it.  The gift that this eclipse gave us is the healing on a deep, deep level each as individuals which will have a beautiful impact on our relationship.  In the process of talking and processing I told my husband that I had always held back part of me from him.  The part that has strong spiritual beliefs, that is psychic, empathic and a healer.  I was afraid I would be scorned and he would not love me.  I have always felt shy to show that side of myself.  No shy is not the correct word!  I have always been afraid to show who I really am to the world, including my husband.  I told him, I am no longer going to do that, he gets all of me.  Everyone does.  This is an incredible healing for me.  I am excited to continue down this path...come along....Walk This Way...

Special thanks for the incredible astrology reading this weekend, that gave me clarity and confirmation from Julia Wolfe, 661-268-0607

The Heart of the Sunflower

Published on: Jun 5, 2011

My Moon

Over the last few months I have experienced a very fast ascension into a higher state of being that took me up in it’s current and I had no choice but to be led through the experience.  I have now been given the opportunity to see myself as I truly am as I shed parts of me that no longer serve me.  Ego death, to put it simply.  One of the astonishing things that came out of this transformation is the inability to eat meet.  This was not a conscious choice based on health or compassion, I physically cannot do it without being sick.  My belief is that the ascension into a higher frequency prevents me from letting anything into my field that is of a vibration too low to exist.  This is not only food but people, places, media, music, I think you are getting the point.  Now, I had always had visceral feelings in my body when I was in the presence of something that didn’t feel good.  I would acknowledge the feeling and go about my business.  Now, I may get physically ill, feel like I might vomit and just basically be so repelled as two magnets trying to be forced together the wrong way.  I have been physically ill as my body tries to integrate this new frequency on a cellular level and detox off the parts that can no longer exist in the new vibration.  I have met new wonderful guides to help me through this process and launch me forward with the exact tools that I need.  Thank you Julie.

Here I sit on a weekend retreat that my incredible husband fully supported.  I am in Paso Robles, with red-tailed hawks landing on a branch 6 feet from me, rain coming down, all by myself.  This is a pivotal moment in my life.  When have I ever in my entire life went away for the weekend by myself?  Never.  I do have my twin soul Lilah with me (my Golden Retriever).

What else has changed.  I have unplugged to a degree that shocks me.  It may be days or even weeks that I acknowledge emails (sorry).  I am almost unaware of my schedule and have double booked, missed and just been plain confused as to what day it even is.  The beauty of this experience is I have learned to live in the moment, not perfectly but a significant amount more than I ever have.  I have slowed down enough to make changes in my home and the structure of my family time that has had an amazing impact on my children.  I am slowed down enough to be aware of the universal guidance that is being poured into my being in vast quantities that I have never experienced before.

Gratitude to Julie, to the support from my Husband and my dear friends only a few of whom can comprehend what I am saying.


Published on: Mar 31, 2010

I have just been reading a great book called Body for Life for Women by Pamela PeekeM.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.P.  This is an excerpt that I liked.

Body-for-Life for Women Pledge:

I will give to myself as I give to others.

I will value my health as I value the health of my loved ones.

I won’t ask, “Should I or shouldn’t I? about matters of self-care.

I will just do it.

I humbly accept that I must work to be the best me I can be.

I will choose to work for myself, rather than abandon myself.

I will embrace adversity as an opportunity to test my mental and physical strength.


“life is about adapting to whatever shows up at your door.”  Pamela discusses the long list of things that can get in our way and interrupt our plans to take care of ourselves.  PMS, an argument, sick kids and more!   “Because though you cannot always control those challenges, you can choose to how you will respond to them.”

Vast Wisdom

Published on: Aug 23, 2009

Wisdom is always available and always within you.  Access requires the quieting of body and mind and in this stillness it speaks to you and from you.  It is not separate from you.  Separation is an illusion.

One choice you can make today to improve your life and your health, emotional, nutritional and otherwise is to Slow Down.  Slowing down has a physiological impact on your body and mind.  It takes the nervous system out of the fight or flight response of the speed of the culture within which we live.  Slowing down brings you into your self, in touch with your body, your inner wisdom.  It switches the nervous system into the parasympatheic in which healing can take place, in which digestion takes place.  Where there is anxiety, digestive disorder, or adrenal imbalance, the simple act of Slowing Down will make a change.  What does slowing down look like?  Sit down to eat your meal.  Become aware of it.  Light a candle and say a blessing or positive words prior to eating.  Enjoy it.  Another view; upon waking in the morning, instead of going straight to your computer, Break your Fast.  You have literally fasted all night long and your body is ready to receive nutrients, listen to this body wisdom.  Perhaps pull a wisdom card or meditate and set your intentions for the day.  Start the day slowly and with peace.

My Best,

Willow Tucker


Published on: Jun 15, 2009

One of the things that helps keep me in balance is my morning hikes with Buddy.  I start the day in a grounded way, out in nature, listening to the birds, see the different plants and flowers as they move and change through the seasons.  I move and change through the seasons.  I walk when it is cold, wet, muddy, cloudy, sunny, I try to walk every day.  This is a new practice and one that I am growing to love.  I have coyotes come to call upon me and feel that they have come to teach me their wisdom, to play, to cooperate and about family.